Explanation of Types of SEO Website Analysis

According to The Art of SEO, almost 90% of all clicks are attributed to the top ten search results. The following dozen results (typically the second SERP) obtain only a little more than 4.3% of traffic. 

The third page of search results receives about 2.4% of clicks. The following SERPs gain nearly 1% of traffic or less. Your site's ranking depends on the timeliness and quality of the SEO you conduct. Without profound website analysis, quality search engine optimization can't be done.

Explanation of Types of SEO Website Analysis

Experienced SEO specialists believe you can't conduct in-depth site audits without at least basic knowledge about the types of such tests. Search Engine Land reports that almost 45% of e-business owners are only somewhat familiar with SEO in general. That's why experts created brief descriptions of site audits' features and types.

Why Should You Conduct Website Analysis?

Website analysis allows for the discovery of issues that don't enable your online business to grow. Also, one can assess the overall SEO friendliness of their site by conducting checks. Audit results may be employed in the following ways:

  • evaluating the effectiveness of your current SEO strategy;
  • forming expectations and making informed decisions;
  • comparing site development intensities.

Moreover, comprehensive website analysis software, such as Netpeak Checker, allows e-business owners to audit their competitors' online platforms. So you can get fresh ideas for your site's improvement.

Types of SEO Audits

There are a few indicators to assess your website's productivity. To avoid getting confused, all those numerous specifications are divided into groups and checked separately. Each check is a certain type of SEO website analysis. Let's look at all that closer using the example of doing audits by employing Checker by Netpeak Software, as this app is highly preferred by e-business holders.

Technical Site Check

The seo page checker by Netpeak Software can perform the following:

  • testing your online source's index;
  • checking the site's URL structure;
  • analyzing the website's on-page elements.

So, technical audits focus on detecting problems in the way SEs index and crawl your site properly.

Local Website Analysis

As a part of this SEO test, you do the same things as in technical audits. The only difference is that the described analyses are focused on website performance in terms of local search results. So, using Netpeak Checker, you may check whether the address and phone number of the subsidiary are present on its online platform in this case.

SEO Content Audit

The Checker by Netpeak Software allows one to detect which articles, graphics, or entire web pages attract more traffic. This can be done through numerous corresponding in-built and integrated research functions. You can make the necessary adjustments to site sections with low numbers of visitors.

SEO Link Audit

Within these checks, your website's link profile is under analysis. The results of such tests can be effectively used to improve your current link-building strategies. You can find more details on using Checker as part of the described audits by contacting specialists at netpeaksoftware.com.


If you need to provide SEO analytics for your website, use the trusted services for that. The Checker by Netpeak Software will allow you to fix the issues that may appear on your websites for better operation of your e-business. Use the analysis service and prioritize the tasks that will have a positive impact on your organic search performance.