How to Enable Double Tap Lock on Android Devices

 Technology has made every tthing smart for us, and the best example of this smartness is a smartphone. While using a smartphone there are a lot of features that make yu think that you are doing really smart.

How to Enable Double Tap Lock on Android Devices

In this article we are going to discuss about how to enable Double Tap Lock on your Android devices, to make you feel more smart by following some simple methods.

How to Enable Double Tap Lock on Android Devices

Many Android devices has a built in feature to lock the screen with double tap, but still there are some devices like Pixel and some other stock Android devices, that don't have such feature. So, to overcome this problem we have found some other ways to add this feature into these devices also.

Lock Screen App

If you can not get the double tap lock feature in your device, then you can go with a third party app, and here is how to use a third party app like Lock Screen App to enable double tap lock on your Pixel or stock Android device:

  1. On your Pixel, from Play Store download the Lock Screen app.
  2. Now, launch the app.
  3. It will take you to the phone's Accessibility Settings.
  4. There tap on Lock Screen and turn the toggle On.
  5. Then, confirm when it is prompted.
  6. After doing this, now go back and on your home screen place the app icon where you want.

And that's it, you have done it, now to lock your phone instantly from screen just tap the app icon.

Quick Tap or Double Tap on Back on Pixel

You can also use the double tap or quick tap option on the back of your device to lock it. Here is how to do it:

  1. On your Google Pixel device, open Settings.
  2. Now, scroll down and go to System and then select the Gestures option.
  3. Now, click the Quick Tap to start the action option.
  4. Next to Use Quick Tap option, turn the toggle ON.
  5. Now, scroll down and select the Open App option.
  6. Then, next to that press the cog icon. Then select the Lock Screen app.

And that's it, you have done it. Now you can lock your phone with double tap on your phone's back.


Q: Do Pixel devices have double tap to lock option?

Ans: There have been changings in the double tap lock option on Pixel, now it came back on later than Android 11 devices, on Pixel devices as Quick Tap feature.

Q: How can I use double tap feature of Pixel?

Ans: It is quite easier to use this feature, you just have to go to Settings on your device and follow the on screen prompts to do so. For a detailed method head to the above read.

So, this read was to help you know about How to Enable Double Tap Lock on Android Devices by following some simple and easy methods.

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