Indigo Paints Introduces Exceptional Waterproofing Solutions for Home Walls

Indigo Paints has always been catering to the needs of homeowners with innovative paint solutions. Understanding that water damage is a major concern for homeowners, Indigo Paints has now launched a collection of exceptional waterproofing solutions.

Indigo Paints Introduces Exceptional Waterproofing Solutions for Home Walls

The home wall waterproofing solutions from the paint company will prevent moisture and weather-related damage to enhance the structural integrity of properties. 

The Vast Range of Waterproofing Solutions for Your Homes

The top-notch waterproofing solutions from Indigo Paints will keep your home safe against leaks, seepage, and other weather-related issues. Check out the products that will help you thrive in a dry and secure living environment:

Damp Seal Primer

This damp-resistant primer is suitable for both interior and exterior walls. It is formulated with the help of a superior form of emulsion based on high-quality nanotechnology. Homeowners can apply the Damp Seal Primer on all cementitious and masonry surfaces to enjoy water and alkali resistance. 

Leak Proof Emulsion

It is one of the best waterproofing solutions from Indigo Paints with a combination of heat reflection properties. The dual properties of the Leakproof Emulsion can prevent leaks and keep your room temperature on the lower side throughout the year. The product is also equipped with anti-fungal and anti-algal properties. 


Indigo Aquashield can penetrate through small pores in the plaster. It helps prevent water from entering and keeps dampness and salt away from walls for a long time. The product can prevent water penetration to 4 bars of negative hydrostatic pressure. 


The Superseal is useful for resisting water permeability and corrosion. It works pretty well with mortar or cement. Superseal, a formulation of special polymers, additives, and a surface-active agent, can help strengthen your walls. 


This waterproof paint for walls works as a repairing as well as a bonding agent. It can easily combine with new and old concrete plaster surfaces to strengthen them. With excellent waterproofing characteristics, the product can create an impermeable barrier. Poly-repair is highly useful for repairing patch water resistance in bathrooms and terraces. 

Dampstop 2K

The outstanding bonding nature of the product makes it suitable for both positive and negative side waterproofing. Dampstop 2K will be able to stop up to 5 bars of positive hydrostatic pressure. 

Crack Heal Paste

Crack Heal Paste is useful for both exterior and interior applications. It is flexible and comes with a water-resistant film. Moreover, it can fill cracks of up to 3 mm. 

Indigo Paints offers waterproofing solutions for different types of concrete surfaces. Apart from enhancing the durability of your property, these painting solutions will also improve the aesthetic of your home. Therefore, Indigo Paints should be the preferred choice for homeowners and professionals due to their commitment to excellence. 

About Indigo Paints:

Indigo Paints is a reliable name in the Indian paint industry. They are always delivering products that can exceed customer expectations. With painting solutions for both commercial and residential projects, Indigo Paints remains one of the forerunners of innovation and excellence.