Serhiy Tokarev: Roosh Ventures Invests in Rollstacks, a New Innovative Startup

Responding to the modern demands in business circles, a new startup was developed, and the Ukrainian venture fund Roosh Ventures has invested in it. This startup is called Rollstack. It has brought to the table innovative solutions to automatically create and update presentations, reports, and various documents. Serhiy Tokarev, co-founder of the technology company Roosh, part of the Roosh Ventures ecosystem, commented on the main objective of Rollstack’s development.

Serhiy Tokarev: Roosh Ventures Invests in Rollstacks, a New Innovative Startup

According to Serhiy Tokarev, reports have been a challenging part of the business. It requires much time and effort to collect plenty of data and reflect it in a proper way. Now, it becomes easier due to the new innovative solution, Rollstack.

"Reports have always been a challenge. I cannot even imagine how much time I used to spend on them. Now, I look back and realize how much time my teams spent on updating business reviews, financial reports, and client presentations. At Roosh Ventures, this accounts for 50 percent of their time. The problem is clear, and Rollstack's solution frees up work time essentially for more critical tasks, such as analysis and strategy," said Tokarev.

Rollstack represents a platform that automatically generates and updates decks and graphics in documents. It executes such processes by using different data sources, which are CRM systems, data repositories, and analytical tools. Such a solution helps teams handle large volumes of information and focus on key tasks. Rollstack functions without requiring any engineering or manual work. Also, Serhiy Tokarev notes that the platform allows importing current information into reports and presentations created in other programs.

The startup was founded in 2022. The Roosh Ventures has made a significant contribution though there are other investors who also contributed to this project. Among them are Y Combinator, UpHonest Capital, Kima Ventures, Goodwater Capital, and Monte Carlo Capital. According to Serhiy Tokarev, Rollstack raised $1.9 million of seed funding thanks to their support.

The staffing at Rollstack includes seven members, but it plans to expand its team size by the end of the 1st quarter of 2024. Its customer base experiences a 50 percent monthly growth rate and encompasses a large range of customers. Among them are small startups as well as tech industry giants like Pinterest and Deel.

Serhiy Tokarev: Roosh Ventures Invests in Rollstacks, a New Innovative Startup

"Rollstack is ready to revolutionize the $7.4 billion data visualization market with enormous potential. The Rollstack product streamlines many data visualization processes and is now attracting interest from established companies. We are confident that Rollstack represents the future of innovation in its sector,"
commented a junior partner at Roosh Ventures, Andrii Tymovskyi.

Roosh Ventures is a Ukrainian venture capital fund that invests in startups at various stages, from pre-seed to Series A, across various industries. Roosh Ventures is part of the Roosh technology ecosystem, providing portfolio companies with support in integrating and implementing AI/ML technologies, talent recruitment, and business development.