How to choose a shower set for the bathroom?

When purchasing a shower set, function and aesthetics should be in harmony. In the case of a shower set, meeting the second requirement is considerably easier. Modern shower sets offer a balanced and unified design. It is also an advantage that all the elements of the shower are compatible with each other. But still, choosing a shower set is not a matter of a few minutes.

When we choose a shower set, we have to look at all its parts and what it offers us. Every part of the shower set is important. Let's introduce them to you.


Good multi-head shower systems should be lightweight so that it is comfortable to hold and do not damage the shower tray if it falls. A good accessory is a fixed or sliding support that allows you to fix the hand shower if necessary.

The largest manufacturers in the world including Wellfor currently offer hand showers with different jet modes. Sometimes there are two, sometimes three, sometimes more. It is a comfort that one can quickly get used to. How the user wants a different shower in the morning when he needs to wake up, and another in the afternoon, when he arrives tired from work. It's nice that the hand shower adapts in this regard.

How to choose a shower set for the bathroom?


There is no better feeling than relaxing under the hot water in the shower. For a truly relaxing experience, the shower spray should be large enough. Of course, only as large as the shower room space allows.

The most common shapes for shower heads are square and round. The shape has no influence on the enjoyment of the shower, the user can choose according to their aesthetic preferences. There are also different types of jets to choose from. Among the accessories, you will appreciate the adjustable ball joint that allows you to rotate the shower head.


Customers appreciate a long hose more than a short one. But even the shortest hoses on the market, measuring between 80 and 100 cm, allow for comfortable showering, especially if you have a rather small corner. With long hoses, it is important to consider protection against breaks or kinks. To avoid these problems, the best brands use a rotating cone with a double-sided thread.

Shower faucet:

A shower faucet is an absolutely essential part of the shower, but not all manufacturers include a mixer in the set. If you want a set with a faucet, we recommend that you first study its qualities.

Above all, the faucet must meet safety requirements. In this sense, the best are thermostatic shower taps, which can be touched without fear, even when hot water runs through them. They have thermally insulated water pipes so that the surface does not heat up. As for safety, this is also ensured by a safety lock set to a certain temperature (normally 38 °C), which must be unlocked if warmer water is desired. Some manufacturers also offer an optional water limiter. All of these aids are suitable for bathrooms where even small children shower.

Faucets can have different types of controls. Single-handle shower faucets predominate, but two-handle shower faucets are no exception. They often have a retro look, which is a popular trend in contemporary bathrooms.


We often pass our eyes over them when we look at the accessories in a shower set and don't even notice them. But it's nice when the package includes a sliding bracket and a horizontal shower arm. Quite sporadically, a bookshelf appears in the set. But it is a very practical extra.

Special technology to make your life easier:

We live in the 21st century and modern innovations can make our lives easier. If you have hard water in your home, be sure to look for a shower set with a special surface to make cleaning easier. In addition to not having to polish the entire shower assembly from time to time, you will extend its useful life.

Another popular feature is green technology, which will not only affect water consumption but also energy consumption. In the case of shower sprayers, you will surely find several jets ranging from classic to massage, to gentle relaxation. Before purchasing a shower set, think about the water jets you are going to use. Sporty households will undoubtedly find the massage jet useful. And if you have a stressful job, pamper yourself and relax in the shower with a gentle relaxing jet.

How to choose a shower set for the bathroom?

Design and material:

Customize your shower exactly to your liking. You can choose not only the chrome variant but also white, black, gold, or copper shower sets. There are modern and timeless models that suit any bathroom, but also retro variants with taps that can be used in a cozy vintage bathroom. Lovers of luxury and design will also appreciate the models with designs perfected down to the last detail.

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