What Determines the Cost of a Real Estate License in Texas?

The real estate industry offers immense opportunities for those who would like to pursue a career in property, be it full-time or part-time. However, to be a real estate agent in Texas and other states in the US, you need to have a real estate license. To get your real estate license, you will need to take the relevant courses, pass your exams, and then get the license.

What Determines the Cost of a Real Estate License in Texas?

It is therefore crucial to know the requirements before you embark on getting your license to know what a Texas real estate license costs. In this article, we look at the various factors that determine the real estate license cost in Texas to help you make an informed decision.

Pre-licensing education

Are you seeking to find the answer to the question, "How much is a real estate license in Texas?" One of the determinants of the realtor license cost in Texas is the required pre-licensing education. This is because you must complete 180 hours of an accredited pre-licensing course, as required by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

The cost of the pre-licensing courses varies depending on the program or school that you choose. You must do your homework well before choosing a pre-licensing course provider so that you complete your education in good time and avoid too many hassles.

Perhaps you may be wondering "How much is real estate school in Texas?" Well, the cost varies from one school to another and depends on the program you pick. You can click to read more about the packages offered by one of the leading course providers and pick the best program for you.

Exam fees

Every real estate license hopeful must take a final exam at the end of their pre-licensing course. There is a fee for the exam, and this includes the national as well as the state portions of the real estate licensing exam. So, as you consider the things that make up the real estate license cost in Texas, you must factor in the exam fees as one of the components.

License application fee

After you pass the exams, the next step in your acquisition of a realtor license is to actually apply for it. The application attracts some fees so as you compute the cost of your realtor license in Texas, you should include the application fee for the license as a crucial item.

Background check costs

As part of the application for your realtor's license, you have to undergo a background check. You have to pay a fee to have the background check performed which includes fingerprinting, thus the fees are a crucial component of the real estate license cost in Texas.

Miscellaneous costs

Besides the above costs, there may be other miscellaneous costs items that add up to the real estate license in Texas cost, for example, additional course materials costs, notary services, and other such miscellaneous expenses.


As you plan and budget for your real estate license cost in Texas, you need to consider the various items highlighted above. However, the overall cost that you need to pay to get your realtor's license can differ depending on the particular education provider that you choose, exam-related fees, and any other extra expenses that you may incur during the process.