Cart Price Rules: Boosting Sales with Magento 2 Promotions - Mirasvit

Cart Price Rules: Boosting Sales with Magento 2 Promotions - Mirasvit

Cart Price Rules: Boosting Sales with Magento 2 Promotions - Mirasvit

In-store promotions are as important as ads and good SEO. You can easily guarantee that visitors will see them, and they don’t distract users from their shopping. Extensions like Magento 2 Special Promotions from Mirasvit are created to make the most out of those promotions. It only uses simple-to-setup crat rules and notifications. However, it may heavily influence cart drop rates and raise purchase rates for promoted items. So, let’s dive into this extension! 

What can the Special Promotions module by Mirasvit do?

There are a lot of in-store promotion tactics. Some modules allow you to rearrange items in search, and others create blocks like “these items often bought in pair”. The Magento 2 Special Promotions Extension specializes in cart rules and notifications

Flexible cart rules

Discounts dependent on the cart contents are easy to make and effective to use. For example, a common rule like “Get $X discount for each $Y spent” is used so often cause it works well. Studies show that discounts literally make people happy. And with this module, you can adjust them to your auditory. The extension offers several pre-made cart rules and the ability to customize them. 

You may also use the conditions system to tailor your promotions even further. Offer your customers a discount on their birthday, and give them a gift to build trust and satisfaction. Conditions can also help you to avoid discount stacking. For example, use the “Is Discounted” attribute to forbid the application of discounts to already cheapened items. 

Custom notifications

The Special Promotions extension by Mirasvit can also help your promotions to be seen. It may be done through custom notifications. You may create an error message specifying what the user has done wrong when applying a coupon. This way, you ensure the correct usage of special offers and show reliability. 

You can also set up a banner to notify visitors about running sales. Those banners have conditions to pop up, so the extension gives you tools to target the most effective audience for each promotion. 

How do in-store promotions help businesses?

The human brain is a lazy thing that likes enticing and rewards. Most of the time, it also hates to keep focus on something. These peculiarities can hinder or help you with customer service if you know what you are doing. For example, an eye-catching banner telling visitors about a useful discount can focus their attention and help close the order faster. And cart price rules that offer discounts are like little games with rewards. They help to entice users to engage and buy just enough to get a good deal. 

Magento 2 Promotions helps you to use these tactics to the fullest. Not only will you deliver your customers pleasant experiences and profitable deals, but you will also acquire trier trust and boost your revenue. So don’t wait, try it yourself.