Special Occasion Beauty: Preparing Your Skin for Events

Hey, beautiful, you’re lovely. You know that? As you start to prepare for a special event, you may be thinking of all of the ways you could get ready. From your outfit to your hair, you’re making sure everything is ready to slay for your next big occasion.

Special Occasion Beauty: Preparing Your Skin for Events

Another aspect of your special occasion prep is your skin. Get your skin ready for a look that won’t disappoint with these tips below: 

Consider exfoliating or a peel

If you want your skin to look fresh and renewed, you’ll want to consider doing a deep cleanse before the event. With exfoliating cleansers, a few days before can help provide your skin with that youthful glow.

However, with a chemical peel, you’ll want to be careful, just in case it takes a while for your skin to settle down after that type of facial. The goal is to have skin that looks vibrant and glowing, not red or freshly scrubbed. Get it done too close to the event, and you may end up with the exact opposite effect than what you really want. 

Consider professional treatment

If you want to be sure that your skin looks great for your event, you may have some skin issues to take care of. From a breakout to other issues, talk to your dermatologist about treatment options that can help your skin look flawless for your special occasion. 

While your issue may not have a quick fix, it’s always best to start getting it taken care of anyway. If in doubt, ask your medical provider. Hopefully, you have great health insurance that covers skin issues and dermatologist visits

Plan your makeup

If you’re hoping to show up with amazing skin and feel gorgeous, start thinking about the makeup look that you want to show up with. Maybe you will want to wear a mattifying powder that helps to tone down the oily texture of your skin. A deep red color may be the kind of lip color you want to show up with. If you want to always have great makeup options for your special occasions, consider a makeup subscription box like Ipsy. 

Be gentle that day

If you’re looking to show up with great skin on the day of your event, it may not be the best day to spend the day in the sun. Even if you wear a plethora of sunscreen, your skin may be a bit colored from sun exposure that day. Exfoliate a few days before, but don’t try to go deep on the day of your event. Use some moisturizer to soften up your face if it feels a bit dry, and give it all the love that day so you feel confident for your big occasion. 

You’re going to want a great canvas for your makeup on the day of the event, so let it be with gentle cleansing, a light moisturizer, and not much more. 

Get some rest and eat well

Special Occasion Beauty: Preparing Your Skin for Events

Sometimes the best preparation for your event is not in the products that you put on your skin but in how you care for your body. Getting enough sleep and eating healthy foods can make your skin look amazing. Fresh and nutritious food is good for the skin, especially when it has antioxidants. 

Sleeping well helps you avoid blotchy and inflamed skin. If you want to take your event preparation a step further, avoid drinking or going out the night before and try to get some good sleep so that the next day you wake up feeling better than ever and it shows on your face. 

In Conclusion 

Take care of your skin in advance of a special event so that you can be sure you’re flawless for the occasion. From visiting your dermatologist to making sure that you get enough rest, there are many ways to get event-ready.