How to Make Multiple Profiles on Websites with Online Phone Numbers

These days having accounts on different websites is essential for many people. Sometimes it is even needed to have two or more on the same service, which, however, often appears to be difficult to do because of mandatory mobile phone number verification.

How to Make Multiple Profiles on Websites with Online Phone Numbers
Thom Holmes

Not everyone has the opportunity to use multiple phone numbers for registration. Online phone numbers for receiving SMS completely solve this issue.

They can be obtained within minutes and used without quantitative limitations, making it possible to sign up for as many profiles as needed.

Reasons to have multiple accounts

It makes sense to run several profiles in the case of almost every website. This is especially true in the case of big and popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and others.

Doing this is beneficial when it becomes necessary to:

  • Keep personal and work chats apart. Using the same account to communicate with everyone is not a good idea as it can easily become a mess. It is way more convenient to use different profiles for different tasks.
  • Send messages in bulk. There are many websites that are a good fit for promoting goods and services via mass mailing. Multiple accounts allow doing this more effectively and don't worry about possible blockings.
  • Increase the number of likes and followers. You no longer need to buy such services. Online numbers give you the option to do it yourself and always have access to used accounts just in case.

Having more than one profile is also a popular choice among those who manage several group chats or channels as it makes the process more convenient and prevents confusion.

So, there are numerous reasons to have multiple accounts.

Online phone numbers as an effective solution

Such numbers appeared only a few years ago and back then did not have many use cases. However, things have drastically changed over time. Currently, they are suitable for performing many tasks, including registration of several profiles on the same website.

Every number of this kind is configured to receive nothing except for a verification code from the respective platform that is chosen before buying one.

Due to this, online numbers are not only effective at signing up for various services but also reasonably priced. Most often the price of an online number is just a few tens of cents and rarely goes above it.

Using a number for receiving SMS

Every internet user can complete this task thanks to such trustworthy companies as SMS-Man.

This platform allows one to buy an online phone number of both short- and long-term types from more than a hundred countries around the world. It is really simple and quick to use.

Here is what you need to do for this:

1. Sign up for

2. Use a convenient payment method from the appropriate page to recharge your balance with funds.

3. On the start page of the website select in which country online numbers should be issued.

4. Scroll the page down to the list of supported services and find the website for which you are going to register.

5. Click the "Buy SMS" button to purchase the number.

You can now sign up for the required service using the received online phone number.

To create one or more additional accounts after that it is enough to get and use new online numbers in the same way as the first one.

There is nothing difficult about this process.