Illuminating Success: Power Stations Transform Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions have energy-intensive setups and mostly rely on traditional power generators. However, times have changed, and there has been a significant shift in the power world, compelling exhibitors to reassess the energy options of their trade shows. Moreover, exhibitors might need sustainable power sources to ensure they align with the UK government's goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Therefore, embracing renewable energy power stations has emerged as a pragmatic choice. 

These stations can facilitate a seamless integration of clean energy into the event infrastructure. You will have a consistent and reliable energy source for your events, covering everything from lighting to presentations. Moreover, you can exemplify your commitment to reducing the carbon footprint during these high-profile trade exhibitions, transmitting a positive image to your potential clients. Let's explore more about portable solar power supplies and how they impact the overall performance of your trade show!

Illuminating Success: Power Stations Transform Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Disruptions Caused by Inadequate Power Supply

Here are some potential disruptions you may experience due to inadequate or unreliable power supply:

  • Lighting Issues

Lighting plays a pivotal role in trade events in accentuating product displays, creating ambience, and fostering an overall immersive experience for attendees. The strategic use of lighting is paramount in directing attention, highlighting key elements, and conveying the desired brand image. However, relying on conventional power sources for your trade show poses a formidable challenge. 

Traditional power solutions are susceptible to disruptions, ranging from unexpected outages to voltage fluctuations. This can cast a literal shadow over the success of your trade show. Remember, dimly lit booths diminish the visual appeal of products and compromise the overall atmosphere, potentially affecting attendees' perception and engagement. Backlit trade show displays need to be popping out and catching a passerbys eye and it's hard if they aren't at full power!

  • Display Malfunctions

Interactive displays are becoming very important in trade shows. They provide the best opportunity for you to get the attention of energy-starved attendees and make them your potential customers. From touchscreen interfaces to augmented reality experiences, these displays are integral components of a brand's communicative arsenal. However, the efficacy of interactive displays is contingent on a stable and uninterrupted power supply. 

When conventional power sources falter or fail, these dynamic displays become vulnerable to malfunctions, disrupting the flow of communication between exhibitors and visitors. The abrupt cessation of interactive elements detracts from the immersive experience and hampers your ability to convey your message effectively. In a competitive trade show environment, where impressions are fleeting, and competition for attention is fierce, you don't want to fall behind because of these lapses. 

  • Charging Inability

The trade show environment relies heavily on electronic devices. From smartphones and iPads to laptops and interactive kiosks, these devices are indispensable tools for communication, transactions, and information dissemination. Keeping these devices charged is paramount to ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. 

However, power supply inadequacy can pose a significant challenge — the inability to charge these essential electronics efficiently. Charging outlets may be positioned throughout the trade show booths but may not be readily available. They can be interrupted by any problems from the numerous sectors of the whole electrical system. It stops you from charging your electronics, putting a dent in the convenience and satisfaction of attendees relying on these devices.

However, portable home power stations featuring flexibility and mobility can increase your trade show adaptability and accommodate your power demand persistently. 

  • Data Loss and Connectivity Issues

Data stands as a cornerstone of trade show functionality in this digital age. Whether it's customer information, transaction records, or real-time analytics, the seamless data flow is vital for exhibitors. It helps you make informed decisions, tailor your interactions, and measure the success of your participation. Yet, the vulnerability of traditional power sources jeopardises this flow of critical information. 

Unreliable power can lead to data loss, disrupt online transactions, and result in connectivity issues. The repercussions extend beyond the immediate inconvenience. Deprived of real-time data, exhibitors may find it challenging to adapt their strategies. They may also fail to make informed decisions or capitalise on business opportunities during the event. 

  • Negative Feedback

The business world is thriving, and a positive perception is paramount for exhibitors. Attendee feedback is a valuable metric, influencing brand reputation, post-event marketing, and future participation decisions. However, unreliable power sources introduce a distinct risk of negative feedback. Attendees who encounter inconveniences such as dim lights, disrupted displays, or inaccessible information due to power failures are more likely to express dissatisfaction. 

It also has a direct impact on brand image. You may find your investment compromised as attendees share unfavourable experiences related to power-related disruptions. This can influence not only the immediate success of the trade show but also dissuade potential future participation.

How Can Portable Power Station Transform Your Trade Show 

Trade shows grapple with the intricate challenges of energy complexities, from adapting to venue restrictions, orchestrating efficient power distribution, and surmounting technical glitches. Insufficient power supply poses constant obstacles, demanding exhibitors to adopt ingenious solutions to power up their business success. Revolutionize your trade show experience with power stations. From flexible booth setups to reliable on-the-go power, these stations can empower your show from various aspects. Let’s explore them further.

How Can Portable Power Station Transform Your Trade Show

1. Portable Solar Power Stations’ Direct Impact

  • Sustainable Energy Source 

In the context of trade shows, a shift towards sustainability is notably underway. Traditionally reliant on conventional energy sources, the industry increasingly acknowledges the environmental impact of such practices. By harnessing renewable energy like solar power for portable power supply for trade events, events reduce their carbon footprint, mitigating environmental impact. This commitment to sustainability aligns with global eco-friendly trends and resonates positively with environmentally conscious attendees.

  • Cost Savings 

Beyond their ecological benefits, portable power stations present a compelling financial advantage. Compared to traditional generators, these stations require minimal maintenance, freeing up your resources from labour and upkeep expenses. In addition, the reliability of solar power means less monitoring is needed, allowing you to redirect resources that would have been spent on maintenance tasks. Choosing a portable power source also means you are spared from the transporting expenses linked with traditional generators. All these help exhibitors reduce energy costs over the long term, offering a financial advantage that aligns with your budgetary considerations for trade shows. 

  • Increased Mobility

Trade shows are notorious for frequent changes in the layouts and venues. This is where a portable power supply comes in handy! They can adapt to varying spatial configurations, facilitating efficient and rapid deployment of power sources where needed. Whether hosting the trade show at ExCel London or Olympia London, you can easily rely on them to keep your equipment running in emergencies. 

  • Quiet and Pollution-Free Operation 

Compared to traditional generators, portable electricity stations operate without noise and pollution. The quiet operation eliminates the disruptive hum associated with generators, fostering a more pleasant and focused environment. This is particularly crucial in trade show settings where communication and engagement are paramount. In addition, the pollution-free operation ensures a healthier atmosphere, reducing the environmental impact and mitigating concerns related to air quality. 

2. Potential Impact Portable Power Station Can Bring

Here are some other potential impacts of adopting mobile electric stations in your trade events:

  • Brand Image and Marketing

Adopting a portable power supplier for trade shows can significantly impact your brand image and marketing efforts. It's a sustainable and innovative energy solution that positions your brand as environmentally conscious and forward-thinking. This commitment to responsible practices resonates with eco-conscious attendees and stakeholders, contributing to a positive perception of your organisation. Not only this but integrating this eco-friendly technology into your events becomes a compelling marketing point. You can attract like-minded exhibitors and participants, ultimately staying ahead of your competitors. 

  • Showcase Innovation

A solar power station for home serves as a tangible embodiment of innovation within your trade show organisation. This portable solution allows you to power essential electronics and maintain the seamless operation of interactive displays, contributing to heightened technological sophistication at your events. You can use a portable powerhouse to confidently showcase your products with advanced lighting and interactive displays, fostering a more engaging and dynamic experience for attendees.

  • Regulatory and Permitting Advantages

Portable home power stations can simplify the power supply requirements for trade show booths and exhibitors. They eliminate the need for complex electrical installations or modifications, which can pose potential safety hazards. The often streamlined and straightforward nature of permitting processes for portable energy sources helps save time and resources for exhibitors. With fewer regulatory hurdles, you can enhance the efficiency of your event planning, ensuring a smoother experience in securing necessary approvals. This advantage simplifies the organisational aspects of your trade shows and underscores the adaptability and compliance of your events with evolving energy regulations. 

  • Long-term Investment

Opting for a portable power station represents a strategic long-term investment for your trade show organisation. While the initial implementation may involve large upfront costs, the potential for substantial savings in operational expenses over time is noteworthy. These stations are durable, require minimal maintenance, and have lower energy costs, ultimately contributing to a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution for your trade shows.

Best Portable Power Station for Your Trade Shows 

Here are some of Jackery’s best portable power station UK series you can consider for your trade shows: 

  • Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station

Jackery introduces the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station, the best power solution for your trade show. It boasts a substantial capacity and formidable power output to support many facilities. When paired with add-on battery packs, it can be expanded to a maximum of 12 kWh for fitness to various scenarios. Accordingly, it has showcased leaping performance in power output, a 3000W Max to power heavy-duty devices like lighting, printers, interactive touchscreens, or even large LED displays. 

Supported by advanced IBC Technology, it requires just 2 hours for a full independent solar charge when paired with six Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels. This provides enhanced flexibility and charging efficiency while saving time. Notably, the Jackery 2000 Plus Portable Power Station showcases a 25% industry-leading solar conversion efficiency, translating into lifetime energy for Jackery solar panels. Additionally, the device operates with a whisper-quiet noise level of only 30dB, ensuring a peaceful charging experience. 

An industry pioneer, Jackery introduces the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station, featuring a superior LiFePO4 battery with high-temperature resistance, strong safety stability, and better circulation performance. The batteries boast 4000 full charge cycles and a remarkable lifespan of up to 10 years, ensuring the best cost-effectiveness through a sustained and durable design.  

Key Features

  • Expandable Capacity:  2-12 kWh
  • Power Output: 3000 W max
  • Charging Time: 2 hours (solar charging); 1.7 hours (wall charging)
  • Battery Lifespan: 10 years
  • Operational Noise: 30dB
  • Warranty: 3+2 years (3-year basic warranty and 2 more years if purchased from Jackery's official website)

  • Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station

The Jackery Explorer 1000 Plus Portable Power Station is another optimal choice for trade shows. It boasts a 1260Wh capacity and 2000W power output in a compact design, offering more power in a smaller, portable size. Designed with versatility, it allows up to 5kWh of expandable capacity, ensuring power reliability for various power needs scenarios. Safety is paramount with the fully upgraded BMS (Battery Management System) and ChargeShield fast charge technology. This product features a long-lasting LFP battery supporting 4000 full charge cycles, ensuring endured and sustained power performance. 

The advanced IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) technology enables an impressive solar conversion efficiency of up to 25%, facilitating a swift solar charge in 2 hours, offering a convenient and sustainable alternative for flexible power needs. The Smart App Control puts operational control at your fingertips, allowing comprehensive monitoring of battery level, time, output/input and more for great power preparedness at trade shows.

Key Features

  • Capacity and Power:  1260Wh, 2000W (Up to 5kWh Expandable Capacity)
  • Charging Time: 2 hours (solar charging); 100 mins (wall charging)
  • Battery Lifespan: 4000 charge cycles;10 years
  • Operational Noise: 30 db
  • Warranty: 3+ 2 years


Trade shows are pivotal for businesses as they offer unique opportunities for networking, brand exposure, and market expansion. Portable solar power sources offer exhibitors sustainable, cost-effective energy solutions, reducing reliance on traditional power and showcasing a commitment to environmental responsibility, enhancing potential customers' experiences. Jackery is a trailblazer in the portable power industry, offering innovative and reliable energy solutions. The two models we introduced earlier offer high power output to keep your trade show's lighting and interactive displays running smoothly. Contact them today and take your exhibitions to the next level with their industry-leading offer on portable power solutions!