Karen Ann Herskovitz: Biography of Former Wife of Bill Ackman

Karen Ann Herskovitz is an American landscape architect and artist who rose to prominence in the media following her marriage and her divorce from billionaire investor Bill Ackman (William Albert Ackman).

Karen Ann Herskovitz: Biography of Former Wife of Bill Ackman

While much of the public interest in Herskovitz stems from her association with Ackman, she is also a successful professional in her own domain, with a distinguished career in landscape architecture and a burgeoning artistic practice she is well known, and here's everything else you may need to know about her:


Before we read all about here, let's know the common details about Karen Ann Herskovitz:

Information Details
Full Name Karen Ann Herskovitz
Profession Landscape Architect and Artist
Birthplace United States
Education Harvard University School of Design, Vassar College
Marriage to Bill Ackman 1994 to 2017
Children Eloise Ackman, Lucy Ackman, Liza Ackman
Net Worth (2024) $1 million (estimated)

There's very limited information regarding Karen Ann Herskovitz such as her age estimated to be 50 years old and her current residence or address is still uknonw.

Early Life and Education

Herskovitz was born and raised in the United States, although details about her exact birthdate, birthplace, and family background remain largely unknown and kept a secret by her. She is a graduate of Vassar College and Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where she honed her skills in landscape architecture and became a professional artist.

Career in Landscape Architecture

Before getting married to Bill Ackman, Herskovitz established herself as a respected landscape architect, known for her ability to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for homes and other buildings too.

While the specifics of her projects are not widely publicized as she's not active on social media platforms, her work is said to be characterized by its attention to detail, use of natural materials, and sensitivity to the environment.

Marriage to Bill Ackman

In 1994, Herskovitz married Bill Ackman, a billionaire, and a prominent hedge fund manager and investor. During their marriage the couple had three daughters together: Eloise, Lucy, and Liza.

Karen Ann Herskovitz's Divorce from Bill Ackman

However, their marriage lasted for 23 years before they amicably divorced in 2017 and Karen Ann Herskovitz got into lime light where many media houses talked about Karen Ann Herskovitz going to be a millionaire with alimony from the divorce. The divorce proceedings attracted significant media attention due to Ackman's wealth and celebrity status and still, Karen Ann Herskovitz kept her life private.

Life After Ackman

Since her divorce, Herskovitz has maintained a relatively private life and never shared anything publicly. She continues to work as a landscape architect and has also pursued her passion for art to become a well-known artist. While details about her artistic practice are insufficient, it is known that she creates mixed-media pieces that often incorporate elements of nature.

Net Worth

Herskovitz's net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

This figure comes from a combination of her earnings as a landscape architect and the divorce settlement she received from Ackman.

Karen Ann Herskovitz with Bill Ackman

Karen Ann Herskovitz facts:

  • Herskovitz is not active on social media, such as Instagram or Facebook.
  • She is reportedly single and not currently dating anyone.
  • She continues to reside in the United States, although her exact location is unknown.


While Karen Ann Herskovitz may be best known to the public as Bill Ackman's ex-wife, she is much more than that. She is a talented and accomplished landscape architect and artist who has built a successful career on her own merits too. Her story is one of resilience, creativity, and independence, and it is sure to inspire many for years to come.