Amazon Lands Exclusive Rights to NFL Playoff Game for Next Season

Hold onto your helmets, football fans!

The next season's NFL playoffs just got a whole lot more interesting. Forget fumbling around with cable packages or fighting over the remote – next year, one lucky game will be streamed exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Yes, you will be able to live stream the playoffs.

Amazon Lands Exclusive Rights to NFL Playoff Game for Next Season
Image via sportico

That's right, Amazon might not be part of the fancy new sports streaming alliance with ESPN, Fox Sports, and Warner Bros., but they just pulled off a major touchdown this time. Thanks to a special clause in their Thursday Night Football deal, they have the right to choose one playoff game and broadcast it solely on their platform.

This move leaves NBCUniversal's Peacock, which streamed a wild-card game last season with impressive numbers, out in the cold for a reason.

Remember that nail-biting Chiefs vs. Dolphins game that had over 24 million people glued to their screens on Peacock?

Well, imagine the excitement for a whole playoff game, streamed live only on Amazon’s Prime Video! It's a clear sign that fans are increasingly ditching cable for streaming sports and much more, and Amazon wants to be the quarterback of this growing trend by landing exclusive rights to stream one of the hottest sports in the world.

While we don't yet know which game it will be or who the lucky commentators will be, one thing's for sure: if you want to catch this exclusive action, you'll need a Prime Video subscription and this might be not a good thing for those who don’t have a Prime Video subscription already.

This move shakes things up for traditional sports broadcasting too, offering fans a new way to experience the beautiful game but with a catch of buying amazon prime video subscription.

But hold on, not everyone's cheering. Some worry that locking popular games behind subscription walls could leave some fans out in the cold and freeze them out.

With the sports broadcasting landscape changing faster than a speedy wide receiver, it's unclear how this will impact everyone in the long run as more and more OTT and Streaming apps are coming and investing in such deals.

One thing's for sure: the battle for sports streaming supremacy is heating up, and Amazon is making a bold run for the championship.

So grab your popcorn, fire up your Prime Video account with a subscription fee and get ready for an exciting new way to experience the NFL playoffs!