Checklist for Choosing the Best Online Community Platform

You can create a group where people with common interests interact with each other over the Internet. Such groups may be for educational or commercial purposes, non-governmental organizations, or associations. When building an online community, you need a platform to encourage engagement among members or the audience. 

Checklist for Choosing the Best Online Community Platform

Numerous options are available, and you may find it overwhelming to select an ideal platform to host an online community. However, an option that satisfies your priorities and will encourage members worldwide is a good fit. You can visit this site if you want a safe and customizable environment for an online community.

Tips for Selecting a Suitable Online Community Platform

Concentrating on the requirements for a user case ensures a suitable platform selection. The major factors to consider include:

User Experience

Select a user-friendly software that community members can easily access. An easy-to-use platform will allow users to navigate and find the features they need quickly. It will help if you sign up for platforms that offer free trials and test the user experience within the given period. 

You will discover if navigating these platforms, using the functionalities, and communicating with other members is easy. Besides, ensure the platform possesses the features essential to your community. Such features include private messaging, member profile setup, file and image upload, and post creation and commenting.

Engagement Channels

Integrating your primary communication channel with other interaction tools is ideal for creating high-engagement communities. Besides, allowing community managers to use multiple channels for interacting with members will boost engagement. 

You can engage members through push notifications, live chats, email blasts, live streaming streaming, video hosting, and discussion forums. Regular communication through these channels supports user engagement and increases the members’ base.


Select a host that meets your community's increasing needs and supports its growth. As your online community's member base increases, its requirements change. You should select a software that can support the future expansion.


Providing a branded experience to community members is necessary for quick recognition of the group. A platform that offers customizable opportunities will allow you to create a unique feel and look for your online community. 

You can transform the community space with your logo, matching design (colors, images, and fonts) to your brand and other elements. Branding your online community space makes it more appealing and improves user experience.

Easy Integration

A platform allowing you to incorporate your online community into your mobile app or website is an excellent option. People using these tools will come across your app. If you require specific applications for your community, opt for a platform that supports such tools.

Pricing, developer support, analytics, and other factors can also determine your choice of platform for hosting an online community. You will find a solution that can satisfy your community's needs.

Make the Right Decision

Your choice of a platform will significantly impact your online community. A poor fit will affect the community’s proper functioning, and consequently, you may have to migrate the community to a more suitable platform. A host encouraging engagement and growth and supporting your community goals will be ideal.