Diia.City United: Serhiy Tokarev Shares News About Launching Union for Ukrainian IT

In a bid to fortify the Ukrainian IT industry, members of the Ukrainian tech industry united and established Diia.City United. Serhiy Tokarev, an IT investor and co-founder and general partner of investment group Roosh, shared the news about this event on Facebook. The union is designed to enhance business conditions, foster transparency, and strengthen collaboration between the government and the thriving tech sector in Ukraine.

Diia.City United: Serhiy Tokarev Shares News About Launching Union for Ukrainian IT

Diia.City United, founded with key players like Roosh, Monobank, Genesis, Ajax Systems, MacPaw, and Netpeak Group, aims to shape clear and transparent business rules. The union seeks to establish a constructive dialogue between the IT sector and the government, envisioning Ukraine as a favorable environment for technology businesses.

The Ukrainian IT industry already contributes significantly, accounting for five percent of the country's GDP, an $8 billion turnover, and over 40 percent of exports. Serhiy Tokarev envisions a more efficient industry and believes that the Diia.City United will serve as a robust tool for addressing current needs, including legal transparency, work predictability, a favorable business climate, and the protection and refinement of the legal regime.

The union's presentation in Kyiv highlighted strategic priorities, focusing on protecting and refining the Diia.City regime, establishing fair interaction rules between the government and the tech sector in Ukraine, and addressing urgent issues in the IT industry. Education development, accelerating integration into global markets, and creating fair rules for diversity, equality, and inclusion are also among the priorities outlined.

The union's presentation in Kyiv

Oleksandr Kosovan, President of Diia.City United and CEO of MacPaw, emphasized the existing talent, technology, and innovative ideas within Ukraine. "Our goal is to establish a productive two-way dialogue, where the state and business consider each other's needs," he stressed.

Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov expressed confidence in Diia.City United becoming a powerful example of collaboration between the technological business and the state. According to Natalia Mykolska, the Executive Director of the Union, the goal is not only to convey the needs of Ukrainian businesses to the government but also to demonstrate how tech companies can actively contribute to Ukraine's growth and prosperity.

The union's dedication to creating transparent conditions for technological business in Ukraine aims to propel local companies to greater heights, attract international investments, and position Ukraine as a leader in the global tech industry. The participation of MPs, EU and G7 embassy representatives, investors, and influencers during the presentation underscored the significance of this collaborative effort.