Mind over matter? Brain chip lets human control computer with thought!

Remember that sci-fi movie where someone types just by thinking?

It's no longer fiction! Elon Musk's Neuralink just announced a major milestone: their brain implant successfully allowed a human to control a computer using only their thoughts.

Mind over matter? Brain chip lets human control computer with thought!
Image from Neuralink

The first Neuralink recipient is now able to control mouse of a computer and recovering to eventually click the mouse and use the computer just by thinking!

This isn't some clunky headset, mind you.

We're talking about tiny threads, thinner than a hair, implanted directly into the brain. These threads record electrical signals from neurons, letting the chip "read" the user's thoughts. Then, like magic (well, complex algorithms), it translates those thoughts into actions on the screen.

So far, the patient has managed to play Pong and move a cursor around, simple tasks but mind-blowing nonetheless. This paves the way for helping people with paralysis regain control, restoring sight to the blind, and even boosting our brainpower in the future.

But hold your horses, cyborgs aren't here just yet. This is just the first human trial, and there's a long road ahead. Safety, ethics, and the mind-boggling complexity of the brain are all hurdles to overcome.

Still, it's a giant leap for humanity (and maybe a small step for mankind... er, humankind?).

Who knows, maybe one day we'll all be ordering pizza and browsing the web just by thinking about it. Just imagine the possibilities!