Starship Technologies Secures $90M After 6 Million Deliveries

Remember those adorable cooler-bots scooting down sidewalks with your pizza?

Starship Technologies Secures $90M After 6 Million Deliveries

Well, they're not just delivering deliciousness anymore – they're racking up millions of miles and millions of dollars! Starship Technologies, the Estonian company behind these sidewalk delivery robots, just hit a whopping 6 million deliveries and snagged a cool $90 million in funding.

While other delivery robot companies have stumbled lately, Starship is strutting its stuff, claiming they're already profitable and ready to zoom further ahead.

Their secret sauce?

These friendly bots on wheels are all about safety and playing by the rules. They putter along at pedestrian pace, using a gazillion sensors to dodge danger, and even have a human on standby to take the wheel if needed.

Big names like Domino's, Pizza Hut, and FedEx are already on board, and Starship's bots are scooting around over 30 cities in the US and Europe.

Sure, navigating city jungles and convincing everyone robots are awesome delivery dudes has its challenges, but Starship's success story suggests these sidewalk wonders might just be the future of getting your stuff fast.

So next time you see a robot rolling by with your groceries, don't be scared – give it a wave (or maybe a high five, if you're feeling friendly)!