What are the differences between EIN and TIN?

There are various types of company identification numbers used in different countries for tax purposes. Many such numbers are used in the United States.

What are the differences between EIN and TIN?

Many are used for specific purposes, while others can be used interchangeably as required. In particular, it is worth having a closer look at the differences between EIN vs TIN.

Various taxpayer identification numbers

A number of taxpayer identification numbers are used within the United States. TIN stands for Taxpayer Identification Number, which is assigned by the Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service.

It stands for a set of numbers used on tax returns and other documents related to the tax system. The main TIN number is the EIN, which goes by various names, for example, Federal Tax Identification Number or Federal Employer Identification Number. It denotes the entity's business insurance number.

Method of using an EIN number

An EIN number is used by companies, but not every company is required to have one. It is used for filing tax returns, as well as for other activities, including opening bank accounts, merchant accounts and when applying for licences necessary to run a business.

Companies that do not have employees may use the SSN, or Social Security Number, interchangeably. An EIN can be used by employers, trusts, non-profits, partnerships, as well as corporations and government agencies. The SSN number, on the other hand, applies to sole proprietorships and limited liability companies, or LLCs.

Methods for obtaining an EIN number

You can obtain an EIN number in several ways. One is to fill in a form with the symbol SS-4 and send it by fax. Another method is to submit the appropriate application on the Internal Revenue Service website.

This second way is quicker, plus it allows you to check for any errors and the data you are submitting. It is also possible to obtain an EIN by telephone or by postal mail, but this requires more time, so these methods are not recommended.

Updated and complete information

The differences between EIN vs TIN lead us to the fact that th data submitted as part of the EIN application must be complete and up-to-date. If there are any inaccuracies, we may run the risk of having to pay a fine or other additional fee.

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Precise information on EIN vs TIN

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