Apple Embracing New Changes, What is the Surprise?

 Apple, the world's best company has to make changes in its policies, on which they would never ever had thought in the past and which were the key for their awesome profits and revenue.

Apple Embracing New Changes, What is the Surprise?

By the start of this spring, on tuesday, Apple announced to apply some changes to their policies on the direction of Digital Markets Act (DMA) of European Union. With this announcement, the software developers will be allowed to distribute the Apps directly to Apple users through their own websites.

Apple said that:

 “We’re providing more flexibility for developers who distribute apps in the European Union (EU), including introducing a new way to distribute apps directly from a developer’s website.”

The big changes in Apple's policies include that now developers can create their own apps using the "alternative marketplaces" to distribute their apps on iOS devices. That goodness came to the developers by the goodness of DMA.

With the announcement of "alternative marketplaces", Epic Games is coming back to iOS devices. And users will be allowed to download any apps from developers websites without heading to App Store.

Now the iOS users living in Europe will not be going to be disturbed by the default Apple Apps. 

With these big changes in Apple's policies applied in iOS 17.4 and later, there are chances for a great set back in Apple's revenue, and there would be much freedom for the developers to introduce their apps to Apple, but there will be prohibitions and restrictions which the developers have to follow to make their apps available for Apple users, that rule will be applied to find authentic developers.

In Short:

  • European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA) made Apple to bring a big change in their strict policies.
  • Developers now can create apps that can be downloded directly from their websites.
  • Epic Games is getting back to Apple.

This law has made the surprising changes in Apple's policies available in European Union till now, the users in other countries will have to wait to enjoy these good for the users changes.