Aspects of Large Format Printing on Fabric

With the development of technology and the printing services market, the use of fabric for advertising purposes is becoming increasingly popular.

Aspects of Large Format Printing on Fabric

Advertising products made using large format printing are in demand in various fields, as they have certain advantages over other technologies.

Applications and advantages of large format printing on textiles

Textile advertising banners can be used both outdoors and indoors. They offer more opportunities for decoration than other advertising materials. 

The use of textiles is becoming popular in interior decoration - walls, shop windows, etc. The technology is also widely used to decorate television studios, halls and clubs for promotional events. A particularly important area of application for large format printing on fabrics is the design of exhibition and mobile stands optimised for such a medium as fabric.

Novodek experts note the following advantages of textile advertising, which are related to the properties of the material itself:

  • images look vivid; 
  • fabric has less windage compared to other materials;
  • textiles look more natural and easily fit into any interior;
  • finished advertising products are more durable and practical compared to paper or cardboard;
  • the fabric is easy to care for and reusable.

It is also worth noting the absence of solvent odour, as special textile inks are used to apply advertising to the fabric.

Quality and colour reproduction

Large format printing on fabric has a high quality compared to traditional digital printing on other media. However, the final result may depend on the quality of the initial layout and the capabilities of the equipment. 

The maximum resolution of printing on fabrics reaches 1440 dpi. However, due to the fibrous structure of textiles, very fine details may not look as sharp as on paper. However, this can be easily corrected by selecting a resolution of 720, 540 or 360 dpi. In this case, all elements will be displayed clearly. 

As for colour reproduction when printing on textiles, it is in no way inferior to creating advertising on paper or other media. This process is controlled by special textile RIPs - raster processors. 

In general, large format printing on fabric is an effective and attractive way of advertising. It produces a bright, clear image with high-quality colour reproduction. In addition, thanks to innovative technologies and modern equipment, the cost of finished advertising products is quite reasonable. 

In addition, we should not forget about the effectiveness of this type of advertising and its durability. Effective advertising products on textiles attract the attention of potential customers and look impressive at various events.