BBC takes a u-turn for promoting Doctor Who using AI text

AI is everywhere and BBC just tried generating promotional text to promote its Doctor Who but it received backlash as soon after the BBC team sent two emails and mobile notifications that were generated using AI.

BBC takes a u-turn for promoting Doctor Who using AI text
Image from DoctorWho.TV

People started reporting to BBC that their team was using generative AI to generate marketing material (text) and thus BBC shared the decision to stop promoting Doctor Who using their AI tests. They will no longer use AI to generate any promotional text as they said:

"We followed all BBC editorial compliance processes and the final text was verified and signed off by a member of the marketing team before it was sent," the BBC shared and added further:

"We have no plans to do this again to promote Doctor Who."

Yes, it shows BBC’s u-turn on using ChatGPT or Google’s Bard for generating promotional text and it also alarms the bell about BBC’s previous use of generative AI for promoting Doctor Who which is going to be launched in May this year.

Even the corporation is claiming to stop using AI, they might be in love with it as BBC said:

“Generative AI offers a great opportunity to speed up making the extra assets to get more experiments live for more content that we are trying to promote.”

What do you say? RadioTimes reported that the BBC was testing to promote Doctor Who using generative AI two weeks ago.

As far as I can see, the AI race is already here and AI is going to rule the world at least for text and images if not videos, as Sora (a new AI generative model by OpenAI) is around the corner which can generate high-quality videos with just a few words (AI prompt).

Things are getting replaced by AI and even jobs are fading away, let's see when we have AI doing everything from BBC promoting Doctor Who to even writing news articles using AI.

Who knows?