Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Down Worldwide

In a major disruption to online communication, major social media platforms from Meta such as Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger are experiencing a global outage since early Tuesday morning GMT.

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger Down Worldwide

Users across the world including USA, UAE, UK, Pakistan, India and users from all other countries have reported being unable to access their accounts (they are not able to login), with many encountering sign-in error messages or simply being unable to load the platforms using apps and even websites.

Independent outage tracking website Downdetector and many other services has shown a surge in user reports of issues beginning around 04:00 GMT, with the problem impacting users in all major regions f the world.

Cause of Outage Unknown

The cause of the outage remains unknown at this time and there's no official statement issued by Meta (the parent company for these major social networks). 

However, some experts speculate that the outage could be due to a technical issue within Facebook's infrastructure, such as a server failure or a software bug that's triggering the issue for this down time.

Impact of the Outage

The outage has caused significant disruption for individuals and businesses alike. As many users rely on these platforms for personal communication, news updates, and even business operations and they can't operate without these platforms, it is really disturbing for them.

The full impact of the outage is still unfolding, but it is expected to cause inconvenience and disruption for millions of users worldwide.

More on this later.