How to Start a Vocational Rental Management Business?

According to multiple online studies, over 700 million people generally stay in rental properties (i), making it a profitable trend. Such studies and statistics prove that the vocational rental management business is the next boom in the real estate and travel industry. You, too, can start a business like this with integrated, seamless, and easy-to-use short-term rental management software

How to Start a Vocational Rental Management Business?

Such a tool can help you manage your clients, customers, and calendars under a unified channel manager interface. Moreover, you can manage the rental business literally from anywhere in the world. 

That means it does not require you to be physically present at the location. If that business model fits your ideology of running a short-term and seasonal business, read the post ahead. 

We’ve come up with the best steps and tips to start this vocational rental management business at any of the prime locations of your choice. 

10 Best Tips To Start Your Vocational Rental Management Business This Year:

Think of the best name and get it registered

Study your active competitors in the vocational rental business. Check what type of names do they put. Match theirs and make it unique. If possible, add a location name into the complete name of your rental property. 

After confirming the name, check it online to know if it is already registered or not. If not, you’re a lucky one out there. Now, proceed to get your business registered online so that you have all the basic documents ready. 

Search for a location simultaneously

Do you have any location in mind already for opening this type of a business? If not, do your market research. Check the prime locations where tourists would like to go for a staycation or vocation holidays.

The location must have stable network, allowing people to work from anywhere around the property. Also, check what all amenities and utilities must the location provide to attract all kinds of tourists.

Create a feasible business plan

You need promoters, investors, fund management and sourcing plan, backup or contingency plan, bank loan in most of the cases. Then your business plan should have projections of growing the business within 1 to 5 years. 

This will give a roadmap to the manager of this vocational rental business to head in a particular direction. 

Do a SWOT analysis of your business value and proposition

Executing a SWOT analysis is important. It shows you the real figures and facts about where your business currently stands in the market, that is, in comparison to your existing competitors. 

Drawing this analysis is essential to understand your business or organisation's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the market. Accordingly, you can create, brainstorm, design, and implement a feasible and fail-proof plan to sustain the business in the initial days or months. 

Find the markets where you can test your business on a smaller scale

Go and test the rental business on a small scale first. Otherwise, pick a market where the travel industry has just started booming. It will give you the first mover’s advantage. At least, you will not have much competition for some time. 

It gives you enough time to try and test different packages and marketing strategies. Otherwise, you can invest in a short-term rental management software that helps you unify all your agents and customer’s details initially as an active assistant. 

Research about the local laws

Be familiar with the local laws before setting up and running your rental business. This awareness and education will help you sustain in the given choice of state or city for a long run. 

There might be specific laws in a state, city, or nation that you must adhere to for smooth business operations. It could be related to having limited capital, investing a portion of your revenue in ESG or CSR initiatives, etc. 

So, read the laws carefully before you go fully functional in a new city or state. The best solution here would be to hire a corporate lawyer to help you read the local laws and set up your own bylaws. 

Obtain all necessary permissions and licenses from the local government 

You might require additional permission or a license from the local government if you are opening up a vocational rental business in a restricted area. 

Read more about the permissions, extra payments or fees, surcharges, taxes, or licenses to receive, especially if you’re offering additional services and amenities at your rental property. 

Failure to do so can put your vocational rental management business in jeopardy. 

Moreover, if you’re managing multiple rental properties at once, this is a necessary task to do. That will help you get familiar with multiple permissions, licenses, etc., to receive from different locations at once. 

The faster you get all these at once, the easier it becomes for your rental management business to soar in profits. 

Create business listings on travel and rental directories online

Create listings of your business on the online sites. Find if your competitors are there. Try to outsmart their listings. Get a premium plan for those listings to get more leads and attract new travelers. 

Write and publish exciting offers with discounts on these listing sites. Check their dashboards to know if any of these are working successfully for you. 

Ask your friends and family to leave reviews about the business online

When you set up your business ID and account on search engines, let your family, friends, regular customers, and colleagues know. Ask every one of them gently to leave a review or positive comment about it. 

This will help your business to grow its presence organically online. This could be helpful to attract and get more travellers, agents, investors, or sponsors. 

Keep tracking daily earnings and expenses 

Do not miss tracking your daily earnings and expenses. These are important for bookkeeping and filing for business tax returns at the end of the financial year. 


We explored top 10 strategies to help you set your first or the next vocational rental management business easily. If you have doubts, reach out to us.

Otherwise, research more often about the ups and downs of this type of business before investing your hard-earned money.