Is Religion Beginning To Influence Home Design More in 2024

You'll already have noticed religion weaving its way into homes - but in 2024, it should continue to become more of a trend. People perhaps might not understand the significance, but the use of religion to influence home design is one people love. Or at least they love the design. 

Is Religion Beginning To Influence Home Design More in 2024

Below, we'll explore some of the ways religion is beginning to influence home design more in 2024.

Incorporating Sacred Symbols and Art

The trend of using sacred symbols and art in home decor isn't only about aesthetics (but it mainly is) but instead about establishing a deeper connection with faith or spirituality within everyday living spaces. And they look beautiful.

In 2024, this approach has taken a more holistic turn. Homeowners can select pieces that complement their home's style and carry a significant spiritual meaning. Do people always understand the meaning? No. Do they think the piece of art looks good? Yes. If nothing else, they'll definitely be a focal point of the room. 

There's an endless list of beautiful pieces to choose from - from divine Jewish art hangings from websites like the Israeli Center of Judaica ( to antique gold Buddhist sculptures in the garden - and they all look amazing in the home.

Designing Spaces for Reflection and Ritual

The design of personal sanctuaries within homes has become more intentional, and we love it. Homes actually feel like a sanctuary worth living in (unless you've left the cleaning a few days). It reflects a blend of aesthetic and spiritual considerations. 

These spaces are not just about solitude or silence. Some people are using them as spaces where they can connect with higher principles. Granted, not everyone is doing it in the form of religion, but definitely spirituality and meditation. 

Using scents, sounds, and tactile materials enriches the experience of reflection or meditation. If you look online, especially on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, it's becoming a huge trend to promote the benefits of meditation practice within the home. 

Sustainable and Mindful Design Choices

It just so happens that sustainability and mindful design choices are on trend in 2024. It also just so happens that the ethos of sustainability and mindfulness in home design is intertwined with spiritual and religious values. Many, if not most, religions have a holistic respect for the environment and the world their god created. 

This year, more homeowners should actively choose materials and design practices that minimize environmental impact. Brands are also beginning to use sustainable products like recycled plastic and bamboo (bamboo is the ultimate sustainable product). You'll notice a lot of brands using these materials and promoting their products with them to help create a sustainability-focused brand.

These choices help with energy consumption, waste reduction, etc. It creates a living space that's environmentally responsible and spiritually nurturing. 

The influence of religion and spirituality on home design in 2024 didn't start here. For years, people have been using religion to express themselves - not only in home design. We think we can expect homes that look comfortable and visually appealing with a hint of spiritual nurturing in 2024.