ChatGPT no longer requires an account, a next Google in making?

OpenAI's aim was to develop something that could compete with Google and let all the other tech companies take advantage of AI with its Opensource AI models and patents. However, it turns out that OpenAI's ChatGPT is already ahead of any other tech giant and soon after OpenAI released the first version of its chatbot it went viral and everyone started talking about it.

ChatGPT no longer requires an account, a next Google in making?

Now OpenAI is making its conversational AI tool ChatGPT available to anyone without needing an account and it will surely be the first hardcore answer to Google's search engine that's free and open to the public with access without any account. This will be the first choice for internet users who are seeking an answer for their queries as ChatGPT will do the same thing Google does for our searches but it will provide us the exact answers without having to navigate to sites. Probably a dream coming true for millions of Google users.

However, there are some limitations to this free access and that's not what everybody could be able to see as ChatGPT's free version already has some limitations, and people who use it don't complain about it.

Marking the date of 2nd April 2024, ChatGPT will be available to the general public at and will no longer ask users to log in and will take the users to start a chat with ChatGPT and give answers right away.

Here's what will happen to users with free access to ChatGPT and using it without having an account on the website:

Users without an account won't be able to save or share their conversations, and they won't have access to some advanced features that are being offered to users who have registered an account with OpenAI.

Additionally, conversations with the free version of ChatGPT may be subject to more restrictive content policies compared to the account-based version and the paid version respectively.

However, the exact nature of these ChatGPT restrictions isn't clear, but OpenAI says they are designed to prevent the tool from being used inappropriately and for bad purposes.

Another downside to the free tier of ChatGPT is that users can't opt out of their conversations being used to train the AI model, although they can opt out if they have an account with OpenAI.

There are also concerns about how OpenAI will handle potential abuse of the free tier that's now going to be available to the general public without having an account (just like we use Google today). The tool also requires significant computing power to run, and OpenAI has not provided details or released any statement on how they plan to prevent misuse or mitigate its impact on their systems.

In Short:

  1. OpenAI is allowing users to use ChatGPT without registering an account
  2. It would be Google but you don't have to navigate sites and you will get to read the answer right away
  3. Users can't save or share their conversations on an account-free use
  4. Features like custom instructions are unavailable on this public version
  5. The free version has stricter content policies compared to the account version. The details of these stricter policies are unclear.

Overall, the free access to ChatGPT offers a simple way to try out the AI chatbot without needing an account, but it comes with limitations and potential risks.

But still, this is going to be a thought competition to Google as ChatGPT's public access without any account will force its users to rely on it entirely and leave Google aside.

This will be a really huge move and will hit Google's search engine by storm for sure. I will keep an eye on this and will be posting more about this for you. So stay with us.