Discover the Best Restaurants in Perth: A Guide to Culinary Delights

Perth offers a dynamic dining scene that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences, from casual eateries to high-end restaurants. Whether you're craving contemporary Australian dishes, authentic Italian pasta, or freshly prepared sushi, Perth's culinary landscape has something to excite your palate.

Discover the Best Restaurants in Perth: A Guide to Culinary Delights

With new restaurants opening and established venues continually upping their game, your foodie journey through Perth will be nothing short of adventurous and delightful.

Exploring the food scene in Perth takes you through the city's vibrant CBD, the historic streets of Fremantile, and beyond. Each neighborhood brings its distinct flair to the table, featuring both renowned chefs and up-and-coming talent.

Discover venues like Lola's with its innovative cuisine, fleur for a sophisticated dining experience, and the local favorite for seafood enthusiasts, the Lobster Shack. As you navigate through the city's gastronomic offerings, you'll encounter dishes showcasing the fresh, local produce from Western Australia's rich land and sea.

Perth's Culinary Landscape

In Perth, you'll discover a diverse culinary scene that reflects Western Australia's rich culture. From enjoying mouthwatering local dishes to exploring the vibrant street food offerings and indulging in delectable desserts, your taste buds are sure to embark on an exciting journey.

IBIS Styles Hotel Perth is your central hub for all things culinary in Perth. With a comfortable stay in the heart of the city, you're strategically positioned to explore every culinary corner, from opulent restaurants to street food gems. Relax in modern rooms after a day of food adventures, and enjoy the convenience of proximity to some of Perth's top foodie destinations.

Indulge in Local Delicacies

Perth's local cuisine is a testament to Australia's gastronomic diversity. The city prides itself on seafood, with Argyle Bar & Restaurant offering a fusion of Japanese and Australian flavors, a prime example of Perth's innovative dining scene. Signature dishes often include fresh catches from the Indian Ocean, incorporating both traditional and contemporary cooking techniques.


  • Grilled Western Rock Lobster with herb butter
  • Abrolhos Scallops with lemon myrtle
  • Seared Kangaroo with native bush chutney

Vibrant Street Food Scene

As you meander through Perth's streets, the smells and flavors of thriving street food markets will captivate you. Fremantle Markets, operational since 1897, offers an immersive food experience. Join a "Two Feet & a Heartbeat" walking tour to get an authentic taste of local and international street cuisine.

Popular Street Foods:

  • Gourmet Bao Buns at Vin Populi
  • Artisanal Pies at Perth Pie Co.
  • Spicy Indian Samosas at market stalls
  • Exploring Sweet Treats and Desserts

Your trip wouldn't be complete without savoring Perth's sweet offerings. Dessert cafes and patisseries around the city serve a plethora of sweet dishes, combining Australian favorites with international classics. Don't miss out on tasting the rich butterscotch sauce drizzled over warm puddings or paired with local ice creams.

Dessert Spots:

  • Butterscotch Pudding at Wildflower
  • Pavlova with Fresh Fruits at local bakeries
  • Artisan Gelato at Chicho Gelato

Fine Dining and Unique Eateries

Perth’s culinary landscape offers an array of fine dining experiences and unique eateries that cater to a plethora of palates, from sophisticated degustations to diverse ethnic cuisines, all set against the backdrop of the city's vibrant bars and historic pubs.

Internationally Acclaimed Restaurants

Perth houses several internationally acclaimed dining establishments, ensuring an unforgettable experience with each visit. At the heart of the city, Level 33/44 St Georges Terrace boasts restaurants with panoramic views, elevating your dining to new heights. Meanwhile, Wildflower, often hailed as one of the best, curates dishes that reflect local heritage and seasonal availability.

Ethnic Eats and Fusion Cuisines

Elizabeth Quay and the surrounding suburbs offer a journey through global flavors. Indulge in authentic Italian at Lulu La Delizia, famous for its handcrafted pasta or explore the rich nuances of Asian cuisine with Long Chim's celebrated Thai dishes. Fusion restaurants across Perth blend culinary traditions, offering innovative eats that surprise and delight.

Bars and Historic Pubs in the City

Perth's social scene is adorned with characterful bars and historic pubs. Barrack Street and St Georges Terrace are home to rooftop bars offering spectacular city views, while establishments like Le Rebelle pair an intimate ambience with refined refreshments. Historic pubs dot the landscape, providing a glimpse into the city’s past over a locally crafted pint.

Seafood and Specialty Dishes

Perth's culinary landscape is enriched by its extensive coastline, offering an array of delectable seafood and specialty dishes that harness fresh local ingredients. Here you will discover the best of Perth's ocean harvest and the creative culinary approaches to these gems from the sea.

Ocean's Bounty: Seafood Excellence

In Perth, Fremantle is synonymous with quality seafood, particularly the Western Rock Lobster and Fremantle Octopus. Seafood enthusiasts will revel in the varied menu offerings from top-rated establishments:

  • Lobster Shack: Indulge in locally sourced seafood like blue swimmer crab, tiger prawns, and snapper.
  • Bluewater Fish Bar: After exploring Perth's beaches, enjoy their family-friendly atmosphere with standout dishes like the grilled scallops and salt and pepper squid.

Savor the Flavors of Specialties

Moving beyond the traditional, Perth's chefs have a passion for showcasing local ingredients in specialty dishes:

  • Nobu Japanese Restaurant: Encounter a luxurious dining experience that includes Japanese-inspired dishes such as sashimi with South Perth's Akoya.
  • Grand Lane Fish House: Known for their excellent fish and chips, they elevate simple ingredients into extraordinary experiences.
  • Fitzgerald Seafood: This spot fuses the best of Chinese cooking methods with fresh seafood, bringing to your table the vibrant flavors of king prawns and clams served with zesty sauces.

Epicurean Tours and Dining Experiences

Perth offers a plethora of experiences for the keen epicurean, from guided food tours around the city's culinary hotspots to winery visits where you can sip on the region's finest.

Guided Food Tours and Experiences

Embark on a Fremantle Food Lovers Tour to explore some of the quirky and funky restaurants that define Fremantle’s dining scene. Two Feet & a Heartbeat provides private tour options, allowing you to delve into gastronomic delights without the crowd.

Alternatively, a stay at the Vibe Hotel Subiaco grants you easy access to Subiaco's vibrant eateries. For a truly unique twist, Madalena’s in South Fremantle offers a seafood-focused menu that captures the fresh essence of coastal dining.

Refreshing Drinks and Winery Visits

When your palate craves a liquid indulgence, Perth's rooftop bars provide stunning views alongside refreshing cocktails. The ambiance at a rooftop restaurant, especially during a holiday evening, is unmatched in its charm and sophistication.

Wineries in the Margaret River region are a must-visit for any wine enthusiast. A day trip from Perth to this prestigious wine-producing area promises a memorable experience with its revered cabernet sauvignons and chardonnays, along with tours that educate you on the winemaking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perth's dining scene offers a diverse range of experiences, from high-end eateries to cozy hidden gems. This section answers frequently asked questions about dining out in Perth.

What are the top-rated casual dining spots in Perth?

Your casual dining options include places like Vin Populi in Fremantle, offering a relaxed atmosphere with quality cuisine.

Which restaurants are considered must-visit in Perth CBD?

In the heart of the city, fleur is renowned for its sophisticated menu and elegant setting, making it a must-visit destination in Perth CBD.

Can you list some hidden gems in Perth's dining scene?

Indeed, Perth is dotted with hidden gems such as Le Rebelle that offer an intimate dining experience with a focus on local ingredients.

What are the most unique dining experiences available in Perth?

For a unique dining experience, consider venues like Coogee Common where you can enjoy a garden tour followed by a spectacular meal.

Which new eateries in Perth are receiving the most buzz?

Lola's has quickly become a buzzworthy new restaurant, known for creative dishes that have captured the attention of Perth foodies.

What is the best Italian restaurant in Perth according to food critics?

Lulu La Delizia is frequently praised by food critics as Perth's best Italian restaurant, boasting a menu rich with traditional flavors.