Dolly Chaiwala as Microsoft Windows 12 Brand Ambassador Rumors Take Over Social Media

Social media is abuzz with claims that Dolly Chaiwala, the Nagpur tea vendor and a Tiktoker who rose to fame after a viral video with Bill Gates, has been named the brand ambassador for Microsoft's upcoming Windows 12 operating system and that too officially from Bill Gates recommendation.

But is there any truth to this rumor? or this is just another fake news or a meme going viral on social media?

Dolly Chaiwala as Microsoft Windows 12 Brand Ambassador Rumors Take Over Social Media

Major Indian news outlets like Times of India, and Firstpost have all debunked the claim and shared that this is just another fake news spreading all over the social media apps and nothing else.

It appears to have originated from a satirical social media post from The Bindu Times (a satirical news parody account on the Instagram app) that many users took seriously as the publisher missed adding a tag to the post that it was just for fun or just a satirical post.

Here's what we know and a fact-check:

Microsoft has not made any announcements regarding Windows 12, let alone a brand ambassador. This means there's nothing about Windows 12 from Microsoft and how can we expect to have a brand ambassador for a product that doesn't currently exist?

Bill Gates or any other Microsoft official and even any other trusted source has not commented on the rumors of Dolly Chaiwala becoming Microsoft Windows 12 brand ambassador.

However, social media is too powerful now to make even a piece of fake news or just a meme go viral enough that global media feel the need to publish a fact-check article.

The power of social media virality:

This incident highlights the speed and reach of misinformation online especially using social media platforms. A humorous post can quickly snowball into a widely believed rumor, even amongst reputable news sources as many news outlets actually published this story as real news.

In Short:

  1. Rumors fly online claiming Dolly Chaiwala is the new Windows 12 brand ambassador.
  2. Major news outlets debunk the rumor - it originated from satire.
  3. Dolly Chaiwala is a viral star thanks to his video with Bill Gates, but not a tech guru.

Dolly Chaiwala's newfound fame:

Dolly Chaiwala with an Indian Actress

While the brand ambassador title is a fabrication just like any other meme, there's no denying Dolly Chaiwala's newfound fame. His interaction with Bill Gates where the Microsoft founder can be seen asking Dolly for a cup of tea, has garnered him a significant social media following and turned him into a viral sensation overnight.

However, only time will tell what the future holds for Dolly Chaiwala who's currently standing at a not more than 1 Million INR Net Worth and running a stall as his only business, but one thing's for sure: the internet won't soon forget his charming personality and his cup of chai with Bill Gates any soon.