Embrace Eco-Friendly Heating: The Advantages Of Pellet Stoves

Heating your home for the winter is a priority for any homeowner who lives up north. There are a lot of factors you need to consider. How high can you afford your energy bills to be?

Embrace Eco-Friendly Heating: The Advantages Of Pellet Stoves

Is the fuel type I want readily available? Will it work with my home? And more recently is this heating system bad for the environment? Fortunately, pellet stoves solve all those questions and quandaries. They are not only more fuel efficient and easier to maintain but also produce significantly fewer carbon emissions than other heating methods.

In this article we will look at why homeowners should consider purchasing and using a pellet stove by examining their many benefits and advantages over other heating systems. Continue reading the article below to learn more about pellet stoves.

Far More Energy Efficient

Does it seem like every winter, your electricity bills shoot through the roof? That’s because the power it takes to run a heater is quite extreme, and it is reflected in your bills. Other methods, like propane heaters for fireplaces, aren’t much better and, in fact, maybe more expensive as the cost of wood and propane varies. 

Did you know that most pellet stoves can provide over a day of heat with only one hopper of pellets? The fuel efficiency of pellet stoves makes them an attractive option for those looking to lower their energy bills in the winter. On top of that, many states actually have tax incentives for those who use pellet stoves, so you can drastically lower your monthly energy bills.  

Easier To Clean and Maintain Than Traditional Fireplaces

One of the biggest drawbacks of having and using a fireplace is maintenance; cleaning the soot from the chimney and the ashes from the fireplace can be a hassle, not to mention managing the smoke. This is why so many people with fireplaces never actually use them. Pellet stoves are designed with ease of maintenance in mind making them more useful for those who don’t want the hassle of a huge cleanup every time they heat up their home. 

Environmentally Friendly (Used recycled materials)

As mentioned above, pellet stoves are far more fuel-efficient than other home heating methods. By nature, making them more fuel efficient. However, they also use recycled materials, further boosting their sustainability. That’s right the pellets used for fuel are made from recycled wood and release far less carbon emissions than oil or gas.

Reduce Your Heating Costs and Protect The Environment With Pellet Stoves

There are many reasons to purchase a pellet stove, but the most popular one is to reduce your heating costs. Most pellet stoves can heat up over two thousand square feet at a fraction of the cost of other heating methods. So if you are looking to heat your home in the cold months but still keep your monthly bills low you need to definitely check out a pellet stove. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any home style and size.