Humane AI Pin, the little multimedia projector

Technology, Science, and AI have gone so far, that what we had been reading in fiction, is now here to hold in our hands, what we had been dreaming, has become reality now. The new amazing thing to serve the mankind is Humane AI Pin.

Humane AI Pin, the little multimedia projector
After the invention of the smartphone, the categories of these smartphones as Android and iOS, then smart watches, VR glasses, tablets, iPads, and many other things, this Humane AI Pin is the next big thing, that can make you free-handed, all you have to do is to wear it on your shirt and it will be fixed on your shirt with magnet, and then you need to hold your hand in front of this gadget and a screen like flash will shine on your palm.

I would like to call this new Humane AI Pin "the little AI multimedia projector", as I see many similar qualities in it to that of a multimedia projector.

The Little AI Multimedia Projector's Functions

With this AI Pin, you can use your AI Assistant to help you when you are out or you have to perform some important tasks like it can store notes for you, it can translate different languages for you within no time.

There is a little camera that can work bigger for you, you can capture pictures at anywhere with this tiny smart gadget. There is the feature of voice control and you ask this gadget to help you find necessary information as you check on your phone.

This little gadget uses its own phone number and data connection to place phone calls and connect to the internet.

With all these features that the company Humane have explained about their new project, there are a lot of critical experiences shared by many of the first users of the gadget.

As they said in The New York Times:

"Humane said the laser was intended to be used for no longer than nine minutes, but for me, it lasted about three before the Ai Pin complained it was too hot and shut down." they added I tested this with several other languages, including Spanish, French and Indonesian. I confirmed that the interpreter was usually correct, though with converting English into Mandarin, it incorrectly translated “good morning” into “da jia hao,” which means “hello, everyone.”

Many of the others are talking about this new project and their discussions end with saying that $699 is a big amount to pay for this not so reliable gadget, they say that it is a good startup as company says and the new gadget is still at testing phase, they say that it will worth paying if it would get more interesting and reliable features in it, otherwise it can be a waste of your money to spend it on useless thing.

In Short:

  1. A new small gadget has been introduced by Humane, the AI Pin, that you can attach to your shirt and hold your palm in front of it to see the screen.
  2. The new gadget can be a wonderful and useful device if it will get reliable features with time and with its company's focus.
  3. The price for this small gadget has been discussed as much higher than it is worth in many places.
We wish Humane good luck with their new project and hope that Humane will introduce more interesting features and make the existing features of the gadget more reliable in future so that this new little thing can bring a big change in the world.