iPhone 16 cases leak online (images here)

There are many leaks available for Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup called the iPhone 16 models and Apple lovers are not satisfied.

In short:

  1. Leaked cases for iPhone 16 show a new vertical rear camera system with a pill-shaped design.
  2. There aren't many design changes expected besides the camera and the flashlight location.
  3. iPhone 16 launch is expected in September 2024 based on past release trends.

iPhone 16 cases leak represents the same designs and just a small change that’s probably for the camera light with a new vertical rear camera system without any other size and design-related changes.

A leaker on X by the username “Sonny Dickson” posted photos of two iPhone 16 cases probably one for the iPhone 16 and another for the iPhone 16 Plus model.

iPhone 16 cases leak online (images here)
Sonny Dickson on X

It looks like this year we all will be talking about Apple’s pill-shaped camera system for the iPhone 16 models and nothing fancy here.

A few more changes are also visible as the cases represent a flashlight for the cameras outside of the camera lens module and a mic hole is not visible hinting that the mic might be inside the lens module.

We are expecting these models to go on sale or at least get a launch in September this year as Apple is probably going to launch the iPhone 16 lineup in September 2024 as they have been doing for years now.

However, these cases can’t actually predict the final design as Apple doesn’t reveal their designs before launching a device.