Is Frank Ocean Retired Officially? or Is He Releasing a New Album in 2024?

Why does everyone think that Frank Ocean is going to be retired soon?

Taking from Reddit posts, I can understand that he’s already retired but we don’t want to listen to the word “Retired” as we love his music and want him to drop another album in 2024 for all of us.

Is Frank Ocean Retired Officially? or Is He Releasing a New Album in 2024?

However, there’s no official announcement about anything regarding Californian musician Frank Ocean’s dropping a new project soon.

Releasing the last hit album in 2016 and reaching the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart with more than 1 million copies of the album sold, the R&B superstar performed on stage in 2013 (almost 7 years later) and his fans declared that he no longer has the same voice and something is wrong with him as his performance on the stage of Coachella in 2023 was unexpectedly too bad.

Even with all of this being said, his fans are in love with his old music as this week Frank Ocean’s old music performed well on Billboard charts taking two spots on many lists and rising on 4 different charts too. People are listening to his lovely Blonde album and even his debut album “Channel Orange” is rising on the Billboard charts showing how lovely his music is.

However, news sources claimed that his performance was bad due to his ankle injury and since then, we don’t have any news about him releasing a new album, a single, or even if he’s going to perform live anywhere or not.

A Reddit user “Rubber_Danny” shared”

“This show tonight isn’t about the album… not that there’s not a new album,” Frank Ocean said at the Coachella Music Festival.

Another user also commented “And then Frank dragged the whole album to the trash bin” and other shared that there might be an album Frank was to top in 2020 and another Frank Ocean fan commented that he did lose his brother not long ago and that might be the reason of his not launching a new music album as he’s also running Blonded (an e-commerce website) and he might be officially retired but haven’t announced yet.

However, Frank Ocean did tease his song from a new album on Instagram in November 2023, and his fans went crazy on Twitter urging him to drop that album for them but there’s no reply from Frank to any of those tweets.

Meaning that the musician is busy with his other projects and is no longer working on any album that could be released soon.