No More Free Shipping Prints from Google One!

No More Free Shipping Prints from Google One!

Recently Google announced the removal of Google One's VPN feature for Google One subscribers and now Google One subscribers are also going to lose yet another perk: free shipping on photo prints ordered through Google Photos.

News Highlights:

  1. Google One subscribers are losing two benefits: free shipping on Google Photos prints and access to Google One VPN.
  2. Free shipping on prints, despite being a perk, wasn't well-publicized by Google.
  3. Google is removing these features to focus on "the most in-demand features and benefits" for Google One subscribers.

Yes, previously it was possible to get your photos printed and delivered to you without shipping charges (wherever the printing services are available) but now, Google will show you the shipping costs alongside actual printing prices.

While the VPN removal from Google One was announced earlier, many users might not have been aware of the free shipping benefit on Google's photo prints.

Google offered free shipping on "select" prints, including small prints, canvas prints, and photo books that you are able to select from images saved in your Google Photos app.

In an email to all the Google One subscribers, Google explained the changes as a way to focus on "the most in-demand features and benefits."

Free shipping feature to end on May 15, 2024, along with Google One VPN. However, Google Pixel 7 and later users can still access VPN through Pixel settings and enjoy the freedom.

Officially announcing:

"We’re discontinuing free shipping for select print orders from Google Photos (in Canada, the UK, US, and EU) starting on ‌M‌a‌y‌ ‌1‌5‌ and VPN by Google One later this year."

The free shipping perk of Google One subscription likely saved subscribers only a few dollars on prints, but its removal is another change for Google One subscribers to consider whether they are going to renew the their subscription or not.