Technology is here to make you invisible, might a dream once, now a reality

Optical engineering has done something much more than amazing, the Invisibility Shield. It seems like a dream or a scene out of any fiction or magic dramas and movies. It made me remember Aladdin's magical carpet, that he used to fly in the air.

Technology is here to make you invisible, might a dream once, now a reality
This shield can be used to hide yourself anywhere, nobody will be able to see whether someone is standing behind this scientific magical invisible shield or not. 

The UK's Invisibility Sheild Co. introduced this shield 2.0 model as 6 feet tall and a couple of people can easily hide behind it for 15 minutes. The previous model was 12 by 7.9 inches, which could be used to hide smaller objects.

Where it can be Used

This shield can be of great use for mankind in the future as well as it has been used by people now. You can use this shield to make you invisible to discover wildlife that can be the greatest benefit of this shield.

People are also using it to hide themselves for pranks, magic tricks and other uses, as the company told:

 "generally, we find customers who have previously ordered a small version just like to play around with hiding items on their desks and experiment with the material.

"With respect to the large models, our shields have been used for all sorts of things: paintball, stalking wildlife, pranks, stage magic, making ‘invisibility windows’ and interior screening in apartments."

The Science of the Shield

The science used behind to design this shield is that scientifically tested elongated, convex lenses meticulously embossed onto a polymer sheet. And the background gets visible for the viewers by the brighter and broader background light which passes through the shield and gets refracted towards the spectators.
The shield's invisibility effect works both ways, as if you are behind the shield and want to look what is going on in your front, then you will have to poke your head from side or top of the shield to see what's going on there.

How to Buy the Invisibility Shield

If you are interested in an invisibility shield and want to know how to buy it, then you can pre-order this amazing shield on the Kickstarter campaign. 

There you can choose the shield according to your affordability, in different sizes and prices.

Do note that this shield is just invisibility shield and not a defense shield that you can use to protect yourself from any harm.

In Short:

  1. The future of physics (science) will be awfully amazing, as the present makes our eyes opened. The new amazing thing here for us is the Invisibility Shield.
  2. You can use the shield to hide yourself anywhere, you may use it for pranks, magic tricks and to observe wildlife.
  3. you can easily buy it by placing an online pre-order.

So, as the introduction of smart houses, robot cars, house-duty robots, neuralink is amazing just like that the next amazing thing introduced by today's technology is invisibility shield, go and grab this shield for wonderful experience.