The Royal Side Hustle: Throne Chairs and Their Surprising Perks

In the world of side hustles, the image of a throne chair may conjure images of regality and grandeur.

The Royal Side Hustle: Throne Chairs and Their Surprising Perks

However, beneath the ornate exterior, these lavish seats can serve as the backbone for a truly surprising venture, one that is embraced by event planners and vintage aficionados alike.

But why should you consider turning these iconic representations of power into a side business?

Here are the unexpected benefits of indulging in the throne chair side hustle.

Standing Out in the Event-Planning Arena

Imagine a wedding reception where the bride and groom sit upon thrones that harken back to a bygone era. Or a corporate gala where the VIP guests are elevated, quite literally, above the rest. These scenarios, once the exclusive domain of period dramas and fairytales, are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the rising trend of themed events.

If you've been considering a venture into event planning, the provision of throne chairs can serve as the key that unlocks doors to a more extravagant niche. You can easily find throne chairs for sale and use them for these events. The unexpected delight these chairs offer to event-goers might be just the edge you need to establish a name for yourself in a crowded market.

Connecting with History and Craftsmanship

Beyond the scope of modern events, throne chairs whisper tales of history and evoke a sense of timeless elegance that's hard to replicate. For the enthusiast looking to forge a meaningful connection with the past, dealing in these antiques can be a rewarding passion project.

Each piece carries unique craftsmanship and stories that span centuries, turning a simple transaction into an exchange of cultural value. By entering the world of throne chairs, you not only get to touch historical pieces but also contribute to their preservation and recognition in contemporary settings.

Low Investment, High-End Appeal

Unlike many businesses, a throne chair side hustle may start in a surprisingly affordable way. You don't need to jump through the hoops of a full-fledged furniture business; a small collection of carefully chosen chairs can get you started. Look for online auctions, estate sales, and local vintage dealers to find pieces that speak to you and your potential customers.

These chairs often appreciate in value, which means your investment can become a nest egg over time. Not to mention, they exude an air of high-end luxury that can command impressive rental prices, making them a lucrative business endeavor.

An Instagram-Ready Opportunity

The pursuit of the perfect Instagram moment has seeped into event culture – people want settings that are unique, opulent, and share-worthy. Throne chairs offer a ready-made backdrop for those all-important social media snapshots, ensuring your side hustle becomes an integral part of the online visibility game for businesses and individuals alike.

By curating an online presence that showcases the versatility of throne chairs in modern-day settings, you tap into a market that craves both the fresh and the familiar. This is a marketing goldmine for an entrepreneurial mind looking to capitalize on the pull of aesthetics in the digital age.

Surprising Cultural and Psychological Pull

There's something primal about the attraction we have to thrones and the concept of 'seating at one's right hand'. It's a cultural and psychological pull that roots deep within us, evoking feelings of importance and majesty. By lending out these chairs, you're not just providing a piece of furniture; you're offering the experience of feeling significant, even if just for a day.

This intangible value can be a potent tool for crafting memorable experiences at events. Whether your customers aim for a touch of medieval romance or a nod to modern celebrity culture, your throne chairs can make them feel like kings and queens for the day, an enticing prospect for any event.


The throne chair side hustle offers more than just a monetary venture; it opens the door to historical connections, cultural relevance, and psychological satisfaction.

It's an engaging business that lets you play with the heritage and the future, all while enjoying the fun and frivolity of the extraordinary.

If you're looking to start a side business that stands out and leaves an impression, perhaps it's time to take a seat on the throne chair side hustle.