Apple Reportedly Strikes Deal with OpenAI for Siri Upgrade

Apple is expected to have a big announcement on the next version of Siri, the famous voice assistant as per the posts in social media and industry reports. A focus is OpenAI and its artificial intelligence research lab that may use OpenAI's ChatGPT technology as a basis.

Apple Reportedly Strikes Deal with OpenAI for Siri Upgrade

The news comes just a day before Apple's scheduled voice assistant announcement, causing a wave of online discussion. Industrial expert Bindu Reddy (@bindureddy) submitted on X (the previous Twitter) that Apple had concluded a deal with OpenAI, implying that the tech giant may have not been able to develop its own product in time.

Apparently, the Apple - OpenAI deal just closed!  One day before the voice assistant announcement :) - she posted.

Nonetheless, the authenticity of this claim is yet to be officially confirmed by any of them. Nevertheless, the information from Bloomberg indicates that Apple is actually "on the verge" of reaching an agreement with OpenAI, but the details are still unknown.

This proposal has triggered both excitement and skepticism. Some individual users like Jon Mitchell (@mitchelljon) are excited about the advent of a more intelligent voice assistant that is underpinned by a technological base established by OpenAI.

However, others voiced concerns. Per-Anders Edwards (@per_anders) also called the deal as a sign of Apple's declining innovation, while AshutoshShrivastava (@ai_for_success) went even further and said that Apple has already "lost the AI race.

Apple is going to make an announcement about its strategy for Siri and may reveal the connection between OpenAI at its upcoming event. The news of this potential deal will be passed on, but at the moment, the exact details are still not confirmed.