Behind the Click: Exploring the Legal Framework of Online Service Agreements

Have you ever tried to register for a new application or visited a new website and you were asked to tick “I Agree” with a long legal document?

This is called a service agreement. These agreements are important because they show you the rights and obligations that you are expected to adhere to during use of the service and what the service provider will offer you.

Behind the Click: Exploring the Legal Framework of Online Service Agreements

These documents may appear long and almost incomprehensible, but they are actually very important.

They not only educate you on what your rights as a user are but also spell out what the service provider will do if you violate their regulations. This is the policy which instructs people on how to navigate a website or application.

Service Agreement Contract: The Basics

A service agreement contract is a form that any user must accept before using some services on the internet. This contract also can answer many of your questions, and provide information about what you can use the service for, and for how long and also what happens when the service is canceled. It also covers how the website or app will handle and protect your personal details.

These agreements are beneficial for both you and the service provider. They promote buyers’ rights so that they make the right decisions while on the internet. But it also helps to protect the service provider from any misuse of the service, which may result in legal proceedings.

Legal Challenges and Enforcement of an Online Service Agreement Contract 

It is hard to guarantee that these agreements are fair and legally enforceable. As such, these contracts have to be presented in a way that allows the users to go through and acknowledge that they understand what they are agreeing to before they proceed. This is where the ‘clickwrap’ agreements come in handy.

This method consists of a button or checkbox which you need to click in order to indicate that you are willing to accept everything in the service agreement. This simple process of clicking allows users to be aware of the terms they are accepting. It also allows for better enforceability in the event of any issues in the future.

Clickwrap in User Agreements: Why It Is the Better Option

‘Clickwrap’ is simple and easy to use to obtain user consent.

When it asks a user to click on “I agree” after scrolling through the terms and conditions, it means that the user has read and accepted the terms, and wishes to continue. This process ensures that the agreement is enforceable in court in case of controversies arising later.


Transparency and fairness are essential for these agreements to work for all. Service providers should be able to provide agreements which are simple and favorable to their users.

Users, for their part, should also be careful and consider it their duty to read these agreements thoroughly. It helps in ensuring that the digital service space is effective and inclusive.