Explore Minimally-designed Gold Necklaces for your Every Day Glam Look

Gold has been considered to be the purest of metals since time immemorial, due to its irrefutable connections with healing qualities. While worn by women across generations in the form of gold necklaces, earrings, anklets, finger rings, etc., gold jewellery designs are constantly being experimented with. 

Artistically-equipped brands are big on bringing the latest, most creative and original designs to their women, who have so much to express and celebrate through fashion and accessorising. 

Gold necklaces, in particular, are considered to be a basic essential in a woman's jewellery bank - be it in a traditionally popular, heavily bejewelled form or as a more modern and dainty piece. The gold necklace is a signifier of prosperity and growing success, often adorned as a manifestation method for the same.

Specifically, the gold necklace is the first essential jewellery piece you need to stock up on as that’s where the accessorising starts. To match it, you can opt for gold bracelets, earrings and more. So, pick out a base gold necklace which you can incorporate into your daily style. 

Types of Gold Necklaces to Enrich Your Jewellery Collection

Are you shopping for a gold necklace for your beloved woman? When it comes to gifting, there are a few points to consider like her style, her preferences and her favourite colours! But the ingredient which truly spices things up and makes an accessory close to a woman's heart is it being given some meaning.

A gift can be meaningful if it portrays a thought behind it. For example, if the lover gives her something which reminds her of her sunny childhood days; symbolises his evergreen love for her or even has a charm attached to the necklace which reminds her of good times - the ornament becomes 5 times more special.

Here are some variations of gold necklaces to explore: 

Modern Takes on Gold Necklaces

Modern Takes on Gold Necklaces

You can pick out a gold necklace with a modern twist on the design. For generations, gold necklaces have been handed down by older women to their favourite young ones. As much nostalgia and meaning are associated with passed-down jewellery, they are restricted in design owing to being made in the years bygone. You may or may not find your style through such designs now. Instead of a heavily bejewelled neckpiece, you may want to opt for an equally valuable yet minimally-designed gold necklace.

In that case, you can opt for a gold necklace which still hosts nostalgic connections to the past through material and concept but materialises the present through trendy jewellery-designing. Experimentation with various shapes and patterns can echo the alternative and non-conforming spirit of the present! So, by choosing such a current and stylish gold necklace, you remain connected to your roots while keeping your quirks alive through accessorising.

Gold Necklace With Diamonds

Gold Necklace With Diamonds

The charm of a gold necklace is immediately intensified with the infusion of precious gemstones, famously known as women's best friends – diamonds. Diamonds are connected to notions of love, commitment, faithfulness, innocence and purity. 

They are also the most sought-after gemstones due to their irresistible lustre. Gold in combination with diamonds is the ultimate duo for women who love a glam look – wanting to turn heads left and right with every step!

You can choose a pendant which is beautifully crafted with infused diamonds. You can also opt for a necklace with diamonds carved into the greater half of the necklace. Depending upon your style, choose a variation which strikes the most melodic chord.

Gold Necklaces with Trendy Pendant Designs

Explore Minimally-designed Gold Necklaces for your Every Day Glam Look

Brands have introduced gold necklaces with new pendant designs which represent not only the limitless spirit in you but also host several other emotions. You can buy yourself a gold necklace with a butterfly pendant as a symbol of your continued dedication to hard work and staying up with the routine – success with flying colours. 

Women are expected to grow up and deal with 100 responsibilities which have been imposed upon them. They simply don’t get the time to appreciate themselves enough for their undeterred dedication. So, this gift to the self should hold utmost importance. If it’s bought as a gift for a special person – that’s even better!

Final Word on Finding the Perfect Gold Necklace

The gold necklace holds great cultural significance, through wedding ceremonies, birthdays, festivals and more. An Indian woman prefers to never take the gold necklace off herself - treating it almost as a part of her soul. 

As there are very few things one can call their own in this harsh world - they deserve to find this gold, lucky charm to keep safe and shiny through generations. So, check out the newest, most innovative collections of gold necklaces from renowned brands like Mia By Tanishq to find your golden match!