OpenAI Search Engine: Launch Date, News and more!

According to rumors, after the announcement of the launch date of May 13, 2024 (a day before Google I/O) the artificial intelligence organization OpenAI, which released a great AI tool called ChatGPT and changed the world for millions, is going to introduce a service that is going to be a great alternative to Google's search engine.

OpenAI Search Engine: Launch Date, News and more!

While this news obtained by two sources complicit with information on the subject puts more heat on the competition, it may even lead to Google’s sudden loss of its long-held dominance over web search products.

AI is what will make OpenAI’s search engine stand out from other search engines such as Google, Perplexity, Bing, etc with the enhanced user experience they will offer.

However, no particular improvements over the current functionality, UI, etc are mentioned or have been reported by any media house, but it is expected that it will generate better results that are understandable to the users of OpenAI's search engine, or have a plug-and-play sort of interface. 

Reuters reported that the decision to announce an AI-powered search engine on Monday, just a day ahead of Google's I/O, is a strategic move by OpenAI.

Where will you be able to use the OpenAI Search Engine?

  • Many sources claim that an ai-powered search engine by OpenAI will be accessible at this URL:

While Forbes reported that it could be partially powered by Bing search engine, it may look like Bing search but it is not a final statement as there's no official announcement yet.

As OpenAI is famous for producing AI models that can understand natural languages and their best offering 'ChatGPT' serves this purpose perfectly, that's also why most internet users are looking forward to finding out Google's progress in AI technology and some might think that an announcement from OpenAI is a tactic to kill the buzz that Google has just created by launching Gemini (a direct competitor to OpenAI's ChatGPT).

Last year, OpenAI was regaining the public's attention and stealing Google's show when it announced DALL-E 2. Now, it is again strategically attempting to outshine Google by revamping its technology and product lineup.

Whether or not the search engine of the OpenAI will be really able to compete with Google is yet to be known. Google Search has attracted a lot of users and the uber-sharp and improved search algorithms. Nonetheless, the emerging power of OpenAI research can be a force to change this status quo.

Certainly, it is anticipated that all tech lovers will be closely following the story, mostly tech leaders.

An OpenAI and Google rivalry could be a driving force for more innovative search technology developments which in turn will be a key factor in better searches that will be more powerful, effective, and user-friendly.

Let's hope for the best.