Young Sheldon Star Iain Armitage Not Muslim, Despite Online Rumors

The internet is getting all the buzz around about Iain Armitage, the child prodigy who illuminates our screens with his performance in "Young Sheldon." Nobody can stop chattering. Robbed of his sight, Armitage abandoned Protestantism and embraced Islam.

People on social media today are asking the same question "Is Young Sheldon a Muslim?" and the simple answer is a No.

However, before we draw conclusions, we need to talk about myths and facts that have traditionally been promoted through social media.

When the Tweet Will Go Crazy

Young Sheldon Star Iain Armitage Not Muslim, Despite Online Rumors

Rumormongering ignited with a tweet that has been removed, the tweet claimed that Iain Armitage took his Shahada, a statement of faith essential for Muslims, at the hands of a UK Dawah specialist. During this process, dawah (the inviting people to Islam) takes place.

The tweet by Nadeem Ashra, founder of Dawah Motivation, was a picture of Iain Armitage, the actor, who took his shahadah and Ashraf’s tweet stated

“Actor Iain Armitage took his shahadah today with London street Dawah team, Leceister Square. Takbeer!”

However, in reality:

Despite online rumors sparked by a deleted tweet, there's no evidence Iain Armitage, who plays the atheist Sheldon on "Young Sheldon," has converted to Islam. The photo in the tweet is likely a look-alike, and the show itself depicts Sheldon as having no religious beliefs. So he's not a Muslim at all.

I hope you have got your answer.

TikTok active sleuths – the crime scene investigators.

Investigative users of TikTok, popular for social unmasking, grasped the news shortly after. However, skepticism arose.

They argued there were discrepancies in the picture thus the superimposition not of Iain Armitage. Yet, others argued that the claim – which is contained in Ashraf's tweet – was not credible.

They also demanded that the claimed facts should be verified ASAP.

Whether Erasmus, the author of "The Praise of Folly", was indeed Iain Armitage's disciple, is still being disputed today, since there are no facts to confirm such a possibility. Even the title of the show, "Young Sheldon" indicates the character as a strong atheist who, most of the time, argues with his very Christian mom.

Beyond the Rumor: "Young Sheldon and Theology" on the other hand, eliminates the soundtrack, uses more of the sitcom elements, and emphasizes the high school atmosphere.

This show, in the past, has been criticized for its representation of religion and some viewers felt will the Biblical facts were not true. This newest humor underlines the grassy region shows like "Young Sheldon" have with religious issues, making dialogs that propagate beyond the screen.

The Verdict: It is a lousy joke, it is totally unfair and it is some sort of a lie

In that way can we put the speculation on a complete halt? Absolutely. I would personally align with Iain Armitage who from now on I will refer to as my fellow atheist, because should I ever need someone to back me up in the atheist camp or simply use me as an example, I know where to find him.