Ava Swiss - everything you may need to know!

Ava Swiss - everything you may need to know!

Ava Swiss (born Ava Swieczkowski) is an American singer and songwriter. She gained recognition after appearing on Season 17 of America's Got Talent (AGT) in 2022 and people are still talking about her performances and also about what she's doing today.

Early Life

Ava Swiss was born in Oxford, Michigan with her real name as Ava Swieczkowski. However, details about her exact date of birth, age, family, and early life remain private.

She has shared that she has a brother but there's no more information regarding her brother's age or name.

AGT and Music Career

At 18 years old, Ava Swiss auditioned for AGT in 2022 and was selected. She impressed the judges with her vocals and emotional vulnerability, sharing her story of surviving the Oxford High School shooting alongside her brother.

Her audition performance resonated with the audience and judges, earning her a spot in the semi-finals to get noticed publically as a new singer and a songwriter.

According to her own words, Ava Swiss uses music as a tool for healing and aims to inspire others through her songwriting and singing.

Her Instagram bio reflects this purpose: "Artist. Music heals. I write and sing songs in hopes to help others."

It means she's not just another singer who's looking to get famous with some base-boosted songs, she's here to make real music for healing and making you calm.

Net Worth

As of June 2024, Ava Swiss's net worth is not publicly available and we can just have an estimate:

Ava Swiss Net Worth is $100K+ (est)

Her career is still in its early stages, and reliable information about her earnings is limited so we can't exactly have a figure to tell her exact net worth.

Personal Life

Details about Ava Swiss's personal life, including her dating status and whether she's married or still single are not publicly known.


Ava Swiss's journey on AGT has garnered public attention for her talent and her story of resilience. While information about her discography or future musical endeavors is yet to emerge on the internet and she also doesn't share such things on her social media handles, she has established herself as a rising artist with a powerful message of making music to heal.