Buy Payeer by Visa and MasterCard euro card

Buy Payeer by Visa and MasterCard euro card

Payeer is a new international payment system, which, despite its recent formation (in 2012), has already managed to gain the trust of many and become especially popular. It provides a lot of advantages to its users, and thanks to many of its features it has become more popular than competing systems.

Why might you need to top up your Payer wallet from a bank card?

The Payeer payment system is chosen for its undeniable advantages, and you may need to top up your wallet in it in many cases, because:

  • Most online stores accept payment for goods from Payeer accounts;
  • it is possible to make money transfers to any country in the world; there are no state borders on the Internet (therefore, you can not only buy something, but also pay off a debt or help your family without any problems, having money in your Payeer wallet);
  • the system allows you to make payments for using the Internet, mobile communications, utilities - and all this can be done at any convenient time, without leaving your own home and without standing in queues;
  • funds are transferred without problems even to those who are not users of the system;
  • There are no restrictions on the amount of money in the wallet; it can be entered into it and stored exactly as much as the user needs.

In order to top up your Payeer E-Wallet, there are many ways: transfer from an account in another payment system, from a mobile phone, using postal services. But the most popular is a Credit Card EUR, opened at any bank.

How to top up your wallet with a bank card

If a bank account is opened in Euros, and you need to top up Payeer, then this can be done quite simply, you need to:

  • log in to the system and go to your Personal Account;
  • select the “Top up” tab;
  • Once on the desired page, you will need to indicate the amount you want to top up and the currency in which the operation will be performed;
  • click on the “Continue” electronic button;
  • select a replenishment method (icons with the corresponding names of resources will appear on the page), in this case, see Visa/MasterCard bank card;
  • then the system will take you to the final page, on which you will need to fill in all the highlighted fields: recipient - Payeer, Payeer account number, replenishment amount, account number (sixteen-digit number on the front side of the bank card);
  • The last step is to click on the “Confirm” button.

How to make a deposit in case of different currencies

If the user needs to replenish the wallet in another currency (in Peyeer, in addition to the wallet, there is an equivalent euro), then the most optimal solution in this case is to resort to the services of an exchange site that provides online services for currency conversion and money transfers. You can find a suitable exchange resource for yourself in order to make a profitable buy Payeer by Visa and MasterCard euro card, which will transfer to a special monitoring portal.

Why is it better to look for an exchanger through a monitoring resource?

Firstly, you do not need to independently analyze the work of all exchangers, waste time searching for them, studying and comparing all conditions. All existing exchange offices are presented on this portal in the form of a rating table: the first positions are occupied by those that currently offer the lowest and most favorable rates, the bottom positions are occupied by resources with the highest percentage for their services.

Secondly, in this case, security is guaranteed, since on the monitoring portal only those sites that actually operate and have been checked by the security system are included in the rating. Thus, the risk of falling into “dummy” products is reduced to zero.

Thirdly, you can go to the desired exchange site by just one click on the name of the site you are interested in.

Information on the monitoring portal is constantly updated, therefore, the user receives up-to-date data. In addition to the rate set by the exchanger, on the portal you can immediately see the currency reserve of the exchange resource and verify its ability to top up your Payer account with the required amount.