Mufti Yaks, Prominent Nigerian Islamic Scholar, Dies at 19

Young and promising Islamic scholar and motivational speaker Mufti Yaks is no longer alive as he died today in the early hours of Saturday, June 1, 2024 and he was just 19 year old (some sources say he was 20 years old).

It was a sad day for global Muslim community when Mufti Yaks, whose real name is Abdullateef Muhammad Maiyaki, passed away in Nigeria; he inspired a lot of people with his deep knowledge and commitment to making the people and the community live in harmony.

Mufti Yaks

Some of the Islamic personalities that have condoled include Mufti Ismail Menk and Dr. Isa Ali Pantami following the death of Mufti Yaks.

The prominent Zimbabwean Islamic scholar, motivational speaker, and educational activist Mufti Menk also raised awareness of the great loss to the Muslim community. He noted that Mufti Yaks was devoted to the dissemination of knowledge and creation of unity among Muslims.

Other personalities that were honored included Nigeria’s Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami who also sent a tribute in honor of Mufti Yaks for his contributions in the Islamic scholarship and the number of people he impacted through his teachings.

As for the future plans, both scholars stressed the need to follow the legacy of Mufti Yaks and to carry on with the task of education and spiritual development.

Who Was Mufti Yaks?

Known originally as Mustapha Muhammad Ibrahim, Mufti Yaks hails from Niger State, Nigeria and belongs to the Hausa ethnic group Though he was born in 2004, he had been exposed to the rich cultural diversity of Nigeria and the social issues that plagued the country. He had strong motivation since childhood and showed keen interest to do something big in life. He ventured into Islamic scholarship, and motivational speaking through observing the problems that affected his community with a view to finding solutions to them.

Mufti Yaks’ speeches and writings were usually articulate appeals to reason and the value of the existence of the state of peace, which is not merely the lack of fighting but is also the presence of cooperation. He was able to move around within Nigeria and other parts of the world because of his work for Islam led him to be seen interacting closely with people from all backgrounds.

His main message was to explore the cardinal issue of ‘know thy existence’s purpose and get ready for the afterlife’, which was received as Gospel truth by many of his disciples.

Mufti Yaks, Prominent Nigerian Islamic Scholar, Dies at 19
Instagram users praying for Mufti Yaks's Magfirah

Besides the campaign for peace Mufti Yaks was also concerned with reestablishing good neighbourliness and maintaining good family values. He understood that the core of any society is comprised of families and tended to have a special concern for children who grow up in homes that never showed them love and support. In particular, the endeavours aimed at advocating for proper family environment were met with gratitude.

The efforts that Mufti Yaks made did not go unnoticed. He was honoured with several awards regarding his excellent work as an inspirational speaker. These accomplishments were evidence of his capacity to raise people up and encourage countless others to strive for the greater good and to search for meaning in life and more importantly, in the world.

At a young age Yaks has proven himself to be wise and dedicated to his faith; thus he was given an official title of Mufti in the sphere of Islamic scholarship. Its important teachings will remain with the society for many years and its impact on the community will be felt.

Quick Facts About Mufti Yaks:

Age 19 years old
Real Name Abdullateef Muhammad Maiyaki
Ethnicity/Tribe Hausa
Country of Origin Nigeria
Profession Islamic scholar, inspirational speaker
Net Worth Approximately $10,000
Marital Status Not publicly disclosed
Title Holds the formal title of Mufti

It is unfortunate that Mufti Yaks passed on at this time when his input was most needed. His legacy is still with us and serves as a beacon and a message of hope to us all that we must never give up on the dream of making the world a better place.

His legacy will surely continue on in inspiring future generations to seek out the best in all of us in the pursuit of peace, meaning, and strong communities.