What is PS5 Pawn Value in 2024?

Pawning a PlayStation 5 (PS5) can be a quick way to obtain cash, but it’s crucial to understand its true value and the factors influencing it.

PS5 Pawn Value

This guide will provide insights into the current pawn value of PS5, factors that affect its value, and alternatives to pawning.

Additionally, I have included a table detailing the pawn values for PlayStation models from PS1 to PS5 so you can have a rough idea before you actually risk your PS5 or PS4 (as these are the most used gaming consoles around the globe) to a pawn shop.

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Current Pawn Value of PS5

As of mid-2024, the amount you can get for pawning a PS5 varies widely, typically ranging between $150 and $300.

This range depends on several factors such as the console’s condition, the model, and the local demand.

For instance, a PS5 in excellent condition can fetch closer to the higher end of this range, while a console with noticeable wear and tear will likely be valued at the lower end.

So let's explore what affects the PS5 pawn value:

Factors Influencing PS5 Pawn Value

Other than the memory factor, you can have a look at the most influencing factors to get a good pawn price for your PS5.

Here's a list:

  1. Condition: The physical and operational condition of your PS5 is the most significant factor. A console free of scratches and in perfect working order will command a higher price than one with visible wear or functional issues.
  2. Model: The model of the PS5 also affects its value. The standard edition with a disc drive generally fetches more than the digital edition, as it offers greater flexibility for games and media.
  3. Accessories: Including original accessories such as controllers, cables, and the original packaging can increase the value offered by pawn shops.
  4. Market Demand: The demand for PS5 consoles in your area influences the price. High demand can push prices up, whereas low demand can lower the amount offered.

You can clean it and have all the accessories sorted in a box, make sure it looks fresh and works perfectly so you can grab a high PS5 pawn value today.

Steps to Pawn Your PS5

If you are ready and know what exactly your PS5 is worth at a pawn shop, you can read these steps to pawn your PS5 at a good price:

  1. Research Pawn Shops: Look for pawn shops near you with good reputations and reviews. Different shops may offer different amounts, so it’s worth comparing offers to get the best deal.
  2. Know Your PS5’s Value: Before visiting a pawn shop, understand the market value of your console. Consider factors such as its condition, included accessories, and whether it’s the standard or digital edition.
  3. Negotiate: Don’t accept the first offer. Be prepared to negotiate to maximize the amount you receive. It helps to be informed about the typical pawn values and demand trends in your area.
  4. Understand the Terms: Read and understand the pawn loan terms, including interest rates and repayment period. Failure to repay the loan within the agreed time frame means the pawn shop can sell your PS5 to recoup their money.

Yes, you don't have to accept the first offer, you can always have a say and try to increase the price. That's a great tip.

Alternatives to Pawning

While pawning is a quick way to get cash, consider these alternatives which might offer better returns or more favorable terms:

  • Selling Your PS5: Selling the console outright can often yield more money than pawning. Platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist are popular options. Depending on the condition and model, you can expect to sell a used PS5 for between $350 and $600.
  • Trade-In Programs: Some retailers and online buyback services offer trade-in programs. These can provide store credit or cash, often at competitive rates compared to pawn shops. Websites like BankMyCell compare trade-in offers, making it easier to find the best deal.
  • Personal Loans: If you need a larger sum of money and have a good credit score, personal loans from banks or credit unions typically offer lower interest rates than pawn loans. This option also doesn’t risk losing your PS5.
  • Borrowing from Friends or Family: This can be a more flexible and interest-free option, though it’s important to have a clear repayment plan to avoid straining relationships.

Better if you can avoid pawning your PS5 or any other item, however, it's not a bad thing at all when you are sure that you can get it back.

Pawn Values for PlayStation Models: PS1 to PS5

The pawn value of PlayStation consoles varies based on their models, age, condition, and current market demand.

Here’s a table summarizing the typical pawn values for PlayStation models from PS1 to PS5 as of mid-2024:

PlayStation Model Pawn Value Range Notes
PS1 $20 - $50 The value of the collector’s item depends on condition and includes games/accessories.
PS2 $30 - $70 The higher end for well-maintained consoles with accessories.
PS3 $40 - $90 Demand for retro gaming; higher value for backward-compatible models.
PS4 $80 - $150 Still widely used, good condition with accessories fetches higher prices.
PS5 (Standard) $200 - $300 Depends on the condition and accessories included.
PS5 (Digital) $150 - $250 Slightly lower than the Standard edition due to fewer features.

So, I must say that a PS4 is more valuable at a pawn shop than a PS5.

However, as it was about PS5 pawn value, it could be from $150 to $300 and it is all about the variation you own and the condition it is in.


Pawning your PS5 can be a quick solution for obtaining cash, but it’s important to understand its value and explore all available options that can be more fruitful than pawning it.

However, by researching and negotiating, you can ensure you get the best possible deal at a local pawn shop.

Also, consider selling the console outright or exploring other financial solutions to maximize your return.

Always weigh the pros and cons of each option in relation to your immediate financial needs and long-term goals as you may regret after pawning and losing the item.

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