The Benefits of Combining Wood Blinds With Curtains in Your Window Treatments

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The Benefits of Combining Wood Blinds With Curtains in Your Window Treatments

You don't have to spend a fortune on a total home makeover. New window treatments are enough to transform a home, update your interior design, or uplift the mood.

Installing wood blinds with curtains is one of several interior design ideas with plenty of options. In fact, nearly 30% of House Digest readers prefer this combination to other window treatments.

Even better, you have your choice of various types of wooden blinds and curtain fabrics.

Discover everything from lightweight bamboo blinds with sheer curtains to robust wood shutters with heavy drapes.

Dramatic Mahogany Blinds With Drapery

Does your home feature rich mahogany interiors, including wooden wall panels, naturally dark wooden furniture, and other mahogany accents?

You can purchase dramatic window blinds to match but don't forget that thick drapery and pull curtains. Sturdy shutters, including shutter doors, complement large glass windows; this includes sizes varying from large rectangle windows to arched windows.

Wooden blinds with wide mahogany slats work well with classic interior designs for in-home libraries, studies, and rustic common areas. You can also find these in shutter style with turning rods.

You can enjoy this wood type as thin Venetian-style blinds. These styles are also available in faux wood materials made from vinyl which may be easier to clean.

Bamboo Style: Sheer Curtains With Blinds Inside

On the opposite end of the dark mahogany spectrum are light-colored bamboo blinds with sheer curtains.

This combination works best with light, airy interior designs with open-plan layouts. You'll often find this pairing in coastal homes and interiors, including seaside hotels, bed and breakfasts, and commercial spaces.

Bamboo is ideal for 1-inch (or less) Venetian slats with fabric or thin-cord binding. They're great for bedrooms that receive plenty of natural light, offering enough privacy without darkening the room too much.

There are plenty of curtain fabrics to complement bamboo blinds. Sheer materials come in a rainbow of shades; pale blue pairs particularly well with golden bamboo wood. There's also light rose, eggshell, peach, and lavender.

Tranquil Bedroom Curtains With Blinds Behind

Do you want to turn your bedroom into a true sanctuary?

Window treatments in Charleston are a must. Warm wooden blinds made from cedar and mahogany create a cozy, rustic vibe while airy bamboo, oak, and white birch transform bedrooms into spa-like atmospheres.

If you want more natural light, consider remodeling your bedroom and replacing your current windows with larger alternatives. This change can create the illusion of more space. Pair this renovation with light wall colors for a more breathable space.

Linen fabrics also work as curtains. They're slightly thicker than sheer but create more privacy and add more texture to your window treatments. They're great for modern, minimalist, and nautical-inspired interiors.

These curtains are easy to clean in the washing machine or by hand. You can also dye them to create your custom curtains for unique interiors.

Find the Ideal Wood Blinds With Curtains

A little goes a long way in interior design. This adage is especially true with window treatments. Remember the above ideas when brainstorming ideas for wood blinds with curtains.

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