What is Cara app and why it is going viral?

What is Cara app and why it is going viral?

Forget the fancy filters and algorithmic feeds everywhere on every social media app! Now artists around the world are throwing their digital paintbrushes at mainstream apps and diving headfirst into Cara, the hot new social media platform that's gone viral.

Remember: This ain't your grandma's social media (The Facebook) – Cara's all about putting the "art" back in "artificial."

But why it's going viral? I will answer it, but first, understand what is Cara all about:

What is Cara according to official statements?

Cara is a new social media network that is made for artists, art enthusiasts, and art fans who are fed up with other social platforms and want a platform that’s dedicated to artists and art lovers. On Cara, everybody can be an artist and find a job while socializing with other users at the same time.

So, what's the big deal?

In a nutshell, creators who are fed up with big tech toying with AI are worried it'll steal their creative mojo and Cara cuts through the noise, offering a space that celebrates human talent, free from the clutches of those pesky algorithms allowing everyone to be an artist and find art without any limits and algos changing their thoughts to finally sell and ad.

The Cara app is all about artists and you can find AI-generated art being freely shared on this new platform that says it "filters out generative AI images".

Here's the secret sauce of why Cara is going viral:

On the Cara app, you can finally see what's being created by an original (human) artist and what AI is spitting out from plagiarized content with these two Cara features:

  • Humans Only Zone: Cara ditches the AI bells and whistles, putting the spotlight squarely on artists and their work with a dedicated humans-only zone.
  • The Glaze Guardian: This built-in bad-ass (courtesy of the University of Chicago's SAND Lab) throws shade at AI, actively preventing it from mimicking the styles it finds on the app.

Yes, on the Cara app, this artist-first approach is striking a nerve.

Founder of Cara app Jingna Zhang shared on X:

Cara grew from 40k to 650k users in a week because artists are fed up with Meta's AI policies

So in a few weeks from nothing to 40K and then to 650K is truly an amazing number.

Word on the digital street (a.k.a. TikTok) is glowing, with creators raving about a platform that lets them showcase their skills without the fear of AI stealing their thunder.

However, Cara is being dubbed as "the new anti-AI social media app for artists" by various tech news platforms and when you open Cara, it shows all the social media features such as a timeline, explore page, jobs page, X-like microblogging feature, and Instagram-like feed.

On Instagram and Facebook, influencer endorsements are fueling the fire, and Cara is quickly becoming the go-to hangout for artistically inclined users.

Will Cara's reign last?

Only time will tell.

But one thing's for sure:

Its viral rise is a sign of the times. Artists are demanding a platform that values their talent, and Cara is giving them exactly that.

So for now, Cara is going to stay relevant.