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We are very excited to keep our blog open for guest posting. Now you all can Become a Guest Blogger by submitting a Guest Blog Post with OUR efforts and YOUR love. I know you want something from me and I will give you a lot not only something for your submitted guest blog posts.
Contribute to Bloggers community "write for us"
We invite you to submit a guest post and Become a Contributor.

Submitting a guest post will result in publication and may not. We (AllBlogThings Team) reserve the rights to publish the content we feel is better for the blog niche (content and topics we cover).

You will get a reply if your guest post has been selected for publication or we are not. If you don't get a reply then you can submit your post again, because we do reply to each and every email sent for the guest posting to us.

Please NOTE the article has to be Epic:
👉 In order to collect the chances of mammal featured, we have the tips to advice you, so you should bear in mind that its not a fun thing.

What a Guest Poster will get from us?

  1. One do-follow back-link to his social media profile
  2. Traffic exposure on blog and growth in his professionalism
  3. Good impression on his friends and social media followers
  • AllBlogThings is a Google Page Rank 4 Blog.
As we have over 35K email newsletter subscribers and daily active readers - which means you can get exposure to your article and your blog with over 74K readership and much more...

Example of traffic stats 👇
Live view of visitors on

Guidelines for Guest Posting

Content must be original and Not Copied:

We will purposefully search for the content you take on across the web. If your content is freshen somewhere else upon the web, podcast or in a PDF, it wont be published on/at

Moreover we require exclusivity of the content you present to us, meaning the content wont appear anywhere else in the connected form you provided it to us and you will no longer have permission to use that peace of content in any mean to any other service offline/online.

You are a Blogger?

Guest posts are reserved to Bloggers, SEO writers, Blog owners, Web-designers, Script writers, Web-developers SEO experts, Content marketers and other like-minded people.
BEWARE: If you are an internet marketer, link-builder, freelancer who wants to get a back-link or any SEO company then you may need to check our advertising page instead of doing guest post here or see Sponsored Posts headline below. Thanks

Paid Reviews:

We are now allowing companies and startups to get their products reviewed in front of our targeted audience and get more online sales.

We can discuss more about this in email contact option or you can visit our sponsored content page.

Sponsor Posts or Links:

If you are not a self-made blogger and on a high authority company or an SEO who is going to have a link on our blog or just wanted to get something published here then you have to pay for this.

We check these types of links to make sure we are not going to be cheated:
  1. Links in the body of the articles which look like added for link juice only
  2. Links which are not related to the article and pointing to a website, blog or web-page which is new and recently on the stage of creating backlinks
  3. Links to a website, blog or page twice or thrice times in one article
  4. And many other factors as well
  • Its up to our editors for choosing any article to be as a sponsored article.
You can add one link for free on your bio area in the end of the article for social media profile page.
If you try to add any other website's link in a free guest posting to us and earn money from that owner then we will not publish your article or remove it. 

See: How to Sponsor on

We are offering there types of paid SEO benefits:
  1. Quick mention (link on a published article) - paid
  2. Sponsored article, video or infographic - paid
  3. Product/site/service review - paid
Please send us the inquiry for more details about the rates of these offers and don't hesitate to tell us your budget.

NOTE: For free guest posts we don't allow body links and anchor links or more than one link for a website, we only allows author to add one personal blog/site link in bio and one link to his/her social media profile and for sponsored posts, we can work with your idea.

Post should be in intensity:

We select in-depth posts of 600+ words and above. If you comply a Info-graphic or video then a post with a minimum 300 words will be trendy and accepted.
  • 300 words article will be accepted with a different inforgraphic or a video submission (if you are submitting only a guest post you have to write at-least 900+ words)
Whoever many times we can't find a post good even with 1000+ words and we will send you a reply whether your post is accepted to publish or not and suggest tips to get it published as soon as possible "we love your hard work".

Content must Be Relative to one of our Posts:

In order to save continuity behind the blog content, we ask you to place at least one connect to one of our posts.

For example: If you are writing about SEO tips or Writing content then you should research on this blog ( and add related topics as links in your guest post.

Content must fit our categories:

Please review purposefully the list of our categories.

We tend to feature articles in those categories we covered already and related topics such as: 👇
  • Blogging guides
  • Tips for Social Media Marketing
  • Content writing tips
  • SEO tips
  • Top 10 list articles
  • Content marketing
  • Guidance and Case studies on related topics
  • Health tips
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle
We rarely put any effort to publish your submissions related to social media and tech niche.

Because our aim is to help Bloggers make money and live a better life, so we want to cover related topics only.

Content must not have self-referent:

No links (your own blog or profile) should be placed within the text.

You can link your social profiles and site/blog in your Bio.
  • We holds the rights to add, edit, delete or do whatever we want to the links in the body of the article and bio too.
  • Submit the content with caution:  Because as soon as you send your content that will no longer your property.
  • Before sending content you can ask questions and tell us what links you wan to add into the article so things will be clear for you and all of us.
  • After sending the content (if there is no deal of any kind) we holds the rights to do whatever we want to and we will instantly publish our selected content on our own rules (mentioned here).
We actively search for SEO placements and blogging tips. If you are an SEO agency or a pro blogger who just wants a link-back we will confidently don't accept your guest post and ask for payment of Sponsored Post.

We love posts (article) that are written by pro/newbie bloggers and have value to appear on

Tone of Post must be non-promotional:

Any type of promotion Links, Images or Videos in guest post or in your bio not be accepted or deleted/edited by our team.

Only if you are submitting a post about top 10/5 things (even for this you've to tell the reader about benefits of that services or things you are talking about).

Use Headings and Subheadings:

Please use the following format for adding headings and subheadings in your guest post:
  1. For heading - <h2 style="text-align: left;">Add your headline</h2>
  2. For subheading - <h3 style="text-align: left;">Add your sub-headline</h3>
and remember: always write an Conclusion paragraph after subheadings and don't forget to write final words in the end of your article.

Editing of Your Guest Post:

All posts submitted will be subjected to editing. We wont heavily shorten your writings in the works occurring, but we will determine it is in descent value of the blog content and the kids maximize for triumph.

Don't panic, your copy will appear on our blog as same as you submit.

How to Submit Your Content? 👈


This is the real process of submitting a guest post to All Blog Things. Only you have to do is following steps.
  1. Write your post in any text file format (recommended are .txt and .docx)
  2. Read it and check for spelling mistakes and try to make it more informative
  3. Open your email account and send your guest posting article to
Please NOTE: We don't charge a penny to guest contributors, so please avoid giving your articles to any other person for getting it published here at -|- Please don't spam :)
  •   *after sending the content to us, forget about that content is yours, or before sending the article to us ask us whether we allow some links in your article body or not.
The good news is: We are still “accepting guest posts” from people like you and other content creators, bloggers, humans and more...

Useful Stats:

  • High DA of 40
  • High PA of 43
  • High DR of 40+
These stats say that we are an authority and as we are now Google News Approved, you can get more exposure and a trusted platform for your guest posting needs.

What Guest Posters are Saying About Us? 😍

Read what Guest Bloggers say about our blog and us, as we've got so many requests for guest posts and accept only quality articles.
  • Note: These testimonials for guest contributions are unedited and same as these people sent us.
Here's something what guest posters are saying:

1. Robert: His recent guest post for our blog: Blast Your Way To The Top With These Free SEO Tools
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2. Nirav: His recent guest post for our blog: The Ultimate Guide To Improve Your Site's SEO (Infographic)
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3.Lori: Her recent guest post for our blog: How to Write A Guest Post Pitch That Gets Accepted Every Time
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