How To Make Your WordPress Blog Friendly For Mobile Users ?

Nowadays most of internet users visit websites from mobile devices or similar to mobile, if your blog not have responsive theme then on mobile it looks ugly and absurd even most of mobile visitors don't take your blog serious, making a WordPress blog responsive is not easy ? yeah now easy you can do it.

3 Ways To Create a Mobile Friendly Version Of Your WordPress Blog
There are lots of tips and tricks for making a WordPress blog responsive (mobile friendly), here I will give you top 3 methods for this matter so you can easily get a mobile friendly version of your WordPress blogs, read below for easy methods.

Why a Mobile Friendly (Responsive) Version is Important ?

  1. With mobile friendly version you can get more visits on your blog,
  2. With a responsive design you can get more search result of your blog posts on Google,
  3. Search engines will give your blog users an icon on mobile for more search visits this important.
3 Ways To Create a Mobile Friendly Version Of Your WordPress Blog

1. Custom Mobile Redirects

Using custom mobile redirects may be costly but its a best method because many major website like Facebook, Twitter etc is used it for there mobile sites you can use it but if you don't know how to code in PHP then you will fail in this method, you can hire someone who have knowledge of  PHP, if you want free custom redirect for WordPress blog then just install WordPress on both and link both to one another, one a mobile version and one a desktop version, but managing feeds or pain :( .

2. WordPress Plugins

You can use this easy method for managing all device screen friendly versions of your WordPress blog, below are 3 top plugins for you, may these plugins will help you a lot in making all device friendly version of your WP blog, below plugins will dynamically change your blog's theme according to device type and screen, using plugins your blog is not responsive but still looking good then read below for 3 top plugins.
  1. Mobile Press (Link)
  2. WP Touch (Link)
  3. WP Mobile Detector (Link)

3. Responsive Themes

Creating a responsive theme for WP blog is not an easy task, for doing this you must have better knowledge of  CSS3 and PHP, because making a theme with auto adjusting on any device is a game of CSS3 coding, this is best method but still bit costly, if you want to use responsive themes then you can buy themes from any trusted website like Theme Forest so I think this best method for getting a responsive look of your WordPress blog.

Final Words

I think now you can easily make a mobile friendly interface of your WordPress blog, if you faced any difficulty then let me know in comments, after your comments I will surely solve your problem free of cost :).