What Makes The Perfect Blog Post?

Here I want to share the anatomy of perfect blog post. You know? We can't get success without perfect blogging and rich content, and if we talk about blogging then most working and first step is blog post creation. Also creating a blog post is easy now. But! What about your visitors want some hot and new topics to read ?
"Covering same Content from web, We can't make a Perfect blog Post" - Umer Prince
Here is my advices for you on creating a perfect blog post that will sky rocket your traffic. (I will also apply these tips in my blog posts)

1. How to craft a SEOptimized headline?

You know what is CTR (Click Through Rate)?. I don't. Because! I mind it "Coming To Road". I think you got my point. With a best and eye catchy headline we can get high CTR and then also we can get more pageviews.

The science behind: A eye-catchy headline can boost your CTR and high CTR means more traffic and engagement. Just write title as short as you can and add relevant words to your blog post theme/body also add some power words.

2. How to craft a SEOptimized URL?

After crafting a SEOptimized headline the next step is to craft a better looking and short URL for your blog posts. There is an option on all blogging platform "Permalink" we can use it to customize URLs.
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The tip: You can see for this blog post I craft URL as "http://www.allblogthings.com/2015/04/what-makes-perfect-blog-post.html" I just delete "The" from auto URL chooser, and this is a best URL.

3. Start with perfect story

 After setting title (headline) and URL, now its time to write, write and write.You have to take a jump-start at begging of blog post. But! you also have to entertain your visitors, so add some spicy line at starting of all blog posts.

The starting point: Pro bloggers are doing it very well. They tell their stories to public and then start writing about topic. If you want to be a pro-blogger then, You can use this method :)

4. Adding other items (after writing)

Done with writing a blog post ? Now search for relative images and add them to the blog post body. You can add many images as you want, but I suggest you to add minimum one image and maximum 5.

Pro tip: If you can make a video yourself then its nice. Also you can embed other videos in your blog posts and this will increase your blog reputation and bounce rate.

5. At the end of all blog posts

After doing all above steps nicely, now you have to give final touch to your blog post. It is very easy, you only have to write 2/3 lines as I write at the end of this blog post.

Final lines: At the end of your blog posts add some call-to-action options. It is not necessary you can end your blog post by writing 2/3 lines.


These tips are pro tips and we can say "If you implement these tips as we tell you then you will definitely got success". Stay with us for more exciting content and tips. Happy Blogging!