How To Write a Perfect Blog Post?

Writing a perfect blog is very easy, just keep in mind why and what you writing, on a blog you need to write search engine optimized post and also users favorite blog post, users favorite mean the niche of your blog as you know our website niche is blogging related content so we only focus on blogging related content.

In this article I will try to teach you how to write a perfect blog post with help of social triggers.

What is Perfect Post ? How To Write Perfect Blog Post ?

  1. If you are a blogger then you have to write search engine optimized post, a nice looking (well written) post, focus on the topic of a blog post

    e,g if want to write on How The Search Engines Work ? Then first step is go to search engines and search for how the search engines work and read 4/5 articles carefully, now go ahead and write a perfect short blog post from all article you read, Note : don't be a copycat write blog post with your mind and your own words.
  2. If you are a WordPress blogger then you will create a best and perfect blog post easily with updated WordPress users interface you can get lots of related post in below of post editor, only write one/two line on any title you like then wait just for just some seconds many related posts links will appear below post editor now click on links and first read then write best lines in your own words.
  3. For other platforms you need to know basics of a blog post therefor I have added a infographic below for all those who want to know more about a perfect blog post then see below image, for full screen click on image :).

The Perfect Blog Post Infographic

Infographic via  Social Triggers.

Final Words

Again I say don't copy others work without permission to do so. Hope you like my new styled post for my dear friends and fans ;) .Share and leave comments for more awesome articles. Happy Blogging! :)