50 Effective SEO Tips for 2019 (quick guide)

Everyone wants good tips on SEO, and ask a question "how to do effective seo"

Right ? if yes then go ahead and read below top 50 tips on search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is must if you want to rank your blog posts on first page of Google and other search engines.

There are many articles written on search engine optimization but I think this article will be the best SEO article of 2019 because it have much more effective tips.
50 Effective SEO Tips for 2014
I have done some hard work after than this list is available to you for free.

Don't take it serious but take it very serious. You know? That, your blog's future is on SEO ? If not then keep it in your mind and use below 50 tips for a bright future of your blog.
More effective SEO means more traffic and loyal readers = more earnings. With great SEO you will earn more and more. 
Here I will give you most used and effective tips on search engine optimization with a hope that you like my work.

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Read below guide to know how to do effective SEO.

50 Tips on SEO from Different Websites

  • Here are few "most effective seo tips" for you all. Hope you like below SEO tips.
1, Use keyword phrases and keywords approximately in image ALT attribute, in text links and even in your website's domain name.
2, Make sure to put text links in posts, use drop down menus and image links.
3, If you have a video blog then make a videos sitemap and submit it to webmasters central account.
4, Enable " Enhanced image search " to allow Google to search your blog images.
5, Make some posts on Viral news's like reviews, tech news and many other things on internet.
6, Give each one page a concentrate on a solitary keyword phrase. Don't attempt to improve the page for a few keywords immediately.
7, SEO is futile in the event that you have a frail or non-existent call to action. Verify your call to action is clear and present.
8, SEO is not a one day game - Do some SEO on daily basis.
9, Use captions with your images.
10, You do not get better SEO from paid links.
11, Play a love game - Give link love, Get link love.
12, Make sure your content is unique and quality content. Because, search engine bots love both types of content.
13, Keyword stuffing is bad so please avoid it. Use some keywords in a post not only keywords.
14, If you have flash website then make sure your theme is SE Optimized - Bots will crawl text not images and flash content.
15, Update your website on daily basis - Search engine bots love fresh content.
16, Make good back-links - Use high page rank and commentLuv enabled blogs for commenting.
17, In the end of all blog posts don't forget to add some keywords.
18, Advertise your blog/website on .EDU websites - This will boost your rankings in search engines.
19, Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are required - If do both then you will get results amazingly.
  • 20, Don't think that your website and another website are same - Use many SEO tips to rank higher.
21, Setup a pretty 404 error page - Add a search engine and a related posts widget in 404 page error.
22, Use header tags in blog posts - H1 and H2 tags.
23, Make simple and clear URLs and post titles.
24, Don't sit back if your blog post is ranked on top 10 try to rank it on top 3.
25, Don't worry about page rank of your website - You can make it higher with some SEO.
  • 26, Don't think that social media optimization is alternate of SEO.
27, Submit sitemaps to search engine webmaster tools.
28, Write keyword optimized blog post description.
29, Ask customers to leave reviews on Google+ and local directories.
  • 30, Get listed in local directories and industry.
31, Add a author box in the end of each blog post with details of author.
32, Make different types of links from a wide range of IP addresses.
33, Interact with bloggers in your industry (blogging niche).
34, Make sure any web page are accessible from your website's homepage just in 3 clicks.
35, Positive reviews will boost your rankings - Ask costumers to leave reviews on Google+ and local directories.
36, Remove unnecessary outbound links.
37, Create some direct links to your main pages on homepage.
38, Link every post to another post in your website.
  • 39, Get backlinks from trusted websites.
40, Use Google keyword tool for getting best keywords.
41, More content equals more visitors, more rankings and more sales.
42, If you provide any "how to" article or social media news then upload a video in your post.
43, Create charts/stats/infographics/graphs - and give free hands to people on embedding your work for a link back to your website.
  • 44, Link your Google+ profile to your website using Google+ badge or simple link - This will improve your rankings and click trough rate.
45, Don't copy a single line from other webpages - If search engine bots find that your website content are copied then your site will penalized.
46, Use Google analytics, Google Webmaster Tools and setup a Google+ page for your website.
47, Join online forums related to your niche and give answers of questions with your website link.
48, Reddit your blog posts and get huge traffic - Reddit is very important so use it must.
49, Create accounts on different video sharing websites and upload quality videos in description of videos give a link of your website.

50, Claim your website on Alexa - Make a blog on your website, choose URL as blog.yourwebsite.com or www.yourwebsite.com/blog - Update your old articles - Use a simple theme/template.

Final Words

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