Exclusive Interview with Mohammed Yaqoob from Blogger Yard

Yup! This article is about Exclusive Interview with Mohammed Yaqoob from Blogger Yard.

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Interview of Mohammed Yaqoob from Blogger Yard
Interview with Mohammed Yaqoob from Blogger Yard

1. First of All AsSalam-o-Alaikum and How Are You ?

Ans : Walekum salaam, I’m good and I hope you and your readers are also great there.

2. Your Age and Education ?

Ans : I’m 16 years old now and just gave exam of HSC-1 or so called 1st year class. Now planning to get admission in 2nd year class.

3. What is the Name/URL of Your very First Blog ?

Ans : I had created my first blog back in 2012 and it was http://yaqoobzone.blogspot.com/. It was just a childish blog full with cracked games and software and the whole content was copied from other sites but later It was deleted by Blogger automated classification system.

4. Why you Choose Blogger.com for blogging ?

Ans : No doubt, Blogger is my favorite blogging platform not just because it is free of hosting but it has great features with the easy user interface. I tried WordPress several times but it was little tough to use.

5. How you earn from Your Blog ?

Ans : I use several methods to monetize my blog. First, I’m using Google AdSense that pays for clicks on ads and also for impressions, secondly I use Media.net Yahoo ads that pays only on impressions. After that, I monetize my blog with affiliates, paid posts, direct banner advertising and blogging and web designing services.

6. Are Adsense only way for Earning from a Free Blog ?

Ans : Newbies always think that Adsense is only way to monetize blog because it is most popular and easiest way to earn money with blog but world doesn’t end here, there are many more ways to monetize your blog like paid posting, direct banner advertising, affiliate programs, CPM, CPA and more.

7. How You Manage your blog Posting time ?

Ans : Making proper schedule for daily tasks and following it properly always brings out the best result. I’ve made schedule of my daily life in which updating blogs also comes. Although, recently I’ve installed “Daily Tasks” app in my windows 8 that helps me to do my daily online activities easily.

8. Which Tools you use for Your blog ?

Ans : I use many tools that improve the performance of my blog. They’re free tools and I’m planning these days to purchase premium tools. Currently, I use Google Keyword Planner, SEO quake, Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Ahrefs and there are some more that are not coming in my mind now.

9. Is Blogging a only way of earning money online ?

Ans : Nope! If you can’t make money with blogging than you should stop blogging and look for other ways. You can make money with YouTube video monetization, online coaching of any kind, freelancing, offering gigs on Fiverr, selling affiliate products, web design and development and more.

10. Which blogging niche you like most ?

Ans : I like three niches of all time, Blogging, Technology and Web design and development. I’m also a bit interested in computer programming.

12. Have you any Plan for Future related to blogging ?

Ans : Currently, I’m planning to release one or two more blogs about Technology and Web development. We’ll work on them along with I’m planning to bring Blogger Yard in the next step by working more on it.

13. Which Social Media you most use ?

Ans : I use Facebook to communicate with friends and family but for the sake of blogs, I use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Scoop.

14. Any Advice for All Blog Things Readers ?

Ans : I won’t be descriptive here but I would like to give advice in simple words. If you really want to be successful than you need start blogging by planning. Atleast, The first six months should be planned properly. Be careful in choosing the perfect niche, update blog regularly with fresh content, don’t even think about monetization in first 6 months. Get great page rank, Alexa rank, blog readers than its time for monetization.